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'Go to kill', Starring Choi Yoon Seul, Invited officially for the competition at the U.S. Austin Film Festival!

[by Ent Team] 'Go to Kill', director Park Nam Won's 1st feature film, was officially invited to the Austin Film Festival's Comedy Vanguard competition, one of the largest film festivals in the United States.

Austin Film Festival is a selected as one of the 50 film festivals worth paying for by the American film review magazine, 'Movie Maker Magazine' and one of the 25 most wonderful film festivals in the world.

In addition, it is a film festival approved by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, which is the film that won the film festival is an important film festival that deserves to be awarded at the American Academy Film Festival. 'Cicada' (directed by Lee Chung Yeul) was also invited to the Austin Film Festival this year.

Film festival director, Tim Grey highly praised 'Go to kill' as saying, "The way that expressed the sad story seriously and pleasantly was amazing, and the song at the ending was very touching". The ending song was sung by singer Yang Soo Kyung. Previously, the film 'Go to Kill' was also officially invited to the Comedy Competition Division of the Cinequest Film Festival held in March.

The movie, 'Go to Kill', draws a main character along with her husband who can't move, a hard married life by mother-in-law, and her fat son after her husband was deceived by a swindler and became a vegetative man in the shock of losing all his fortune to useless land. It tells the story of her accidentally running an errand for her high school alumni Miyeon and learning of the plan to commit murder, and being offered an additional 40 million won if she gets rid of the rich woman chairman.

Meanwhile, the film, 'Go to Kill', led by Oh Jeong Yeon, Choi Yoon Seul, Choi Moon Kyung, and Ahn A Young, is planned to be released on November 11. (Photo Credit: One Pictures)

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Write: 2021-10-07 08:19:38 / Update: 2021-10-07 08:32:20

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