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Kim Woo Hyeok, Starring in the comeback film, 'South of Eden', Delivering heart-warming 'message'.

[by Ent Team] Actor, Kim Woo Hyeok, returns with the film, 'South of Eden' (Directed by Lee Chang Yeol).

The agency, A-TOP Entertainment, presented, "Kim Woo Hyeok, who was discharged from the military last year, returns through the film, 'South of Eden'. Please look forward how Kim Woo Hyeok, who has continued to act in the Army creative musical 'Return (Subtle: The Promise of the Day' during his service period, to lead the work through the role of Seokjin".

Kim Woo Hyeok, who made his debut in the 2010 through a film, '71 Into the Fire', has established his own world of work through active activities across screens and television channels, including film 'Homme Fatale' and 'Recipe for Happiness', play 'The Frontier Trilogy', drama KBS2's 'Drama Special - A World Without Nineteen, KBS2's 'Marry Me Now', MBC's 'My Love Healing'.

The film, 'South of Eden', draws the story of a lifetime crisis due to Han Gyu Tae, who had been working hard in a private loan office and hid without paying off his debts tens of millions of won. Seokjin even signed a contract for organ trading with the president, Daekwang, and went out to find Han Gyu Tae, and he withdrew from the private loan business and could restore his humanity through meetings with many people in these processes.

The film, 'South of Eden', which stands out actors with solid acting ability, such as Kim Woo Hyeok, Jang Gwang, Choi Su Im, and Park Jin Hui, is said to have already completed shooting in spite the COVID-19 and scheduled to have a premiere in October. It is paid attention on how the film, 'South of Eden', will deliver a message of comfort to the tired and struggling public in the post-corona era. (Photo Credit: A-TOP Entertainment)

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Write: 2021-09-03 08:32:59 / Update: 2021-09-03 08:37:58

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