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'The First Screen Appearance', Jang Yeeun, Jang Seungyeon and Oh Seunghee of group CLC, confirmed the appearance in 'Tastes of Horror'

[by Ent Team] CLC's Oh Seunghee, Jang Yeeun, and Jang Seungyeon take on their first screen challenge.

The original horror omnibus series, 'Tastes of Horror', is a new concept of cross-IP project proceeded with Webtoon and short-form video contents at the same time, and meets the audience by visualizing works serialized on Kakao Page.

The directing of omnibus film was involved by directors of Kim Yongyun, Lim Daeung, Ahn Sanghun, Young Eungyeong, and Chae Yeojun. These 5 directors will direct 2 works each, showing off a total of 10 short films.

Among the series, 'Ding Dong Challenge', which confirmed the appearance of Oh Sunghee, Jang Yeeun, and Jang Seungyeon, is a work that stands out the brilliance and freshness of the material called SNS Challenge and horror. They play the role of a high school girl who challenges the weird dance of granting their wishes if they succeed, raising expectations for what kind of fear they will give to prospective audiences.

Director, Ahn Sanghun, who has been credited with directing films such as 'Blind', 'Empire of Lust' and 'The Witness', will take the megaphone of 'Ding Dong Challenge', showing a new world of horror that has never experienced before.

Meanwhile, the film project, 'Tastes of Horror', starring CLC's Oh Seunghee, Jang Yeeun and Jang Seungyeon, will continue the series starting of season 1 in coming August. (Photo Credit: CUBE Entertainment)

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