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'Deserve to attempt from production to appearance', Benedict Cumberbatch, Release behind-the-scenes of 'The Mauritanian'

[by Ent Team] 'The Mauritanian' released the behind-the-scenes story of Benedict Cumberbatch's attempting from production to appearance.

'The Mauritanian' is a shocking true story that Jodie Foster, a lawyer preparing for the first trial of a man who has been locked up for years, and a military prosecutor, Couch, facing state secrets that had been concealed. It a film that draws attention as a super-luxury cast of top-class actors, such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Jodie Foster, Shailene Woodley, and Tahar Rahim, who are expected just by their names. Especially, Benedict Cumberbatch was not only listed on actor in the film, but also in production, drawing attention on the behind-the-scenes story.

Benedict Cumberbatch, who announced that he was fascinated by the story as enough to read the original book from the first to last pages, decided to proceed the production without hesitation, saying "It should be made into a movie". Henceforth, the production team showed their enthusiasm to visit the camp where the main character of the true story was imprisoned to meet him, and production began in earnest with the join of Academy Award-winning director, Kevin Macdonald. When the scenario draft was completed, Benedict Cumberbatch, who had previously been faithful to the role pf producer, had a desire to play Lieutenant Colonel, Couch, who is a character with an existential and complex inner side. He said, "Couch is a heroic figure who acted according to his beliefs", And " The film contains not only him but also several heroic figures. As I deeply believed in the fact that I had to make this film, the difficulties during its process were worth overcoming."

'The Mauritanian', a world-renowned film, which has been selected as 'The most anticipated film of 2021' by Time magazine, and was nominated for The Best Actor (Tahar Rahim) and The Best Supporting Actress (Jodie Foster) at the 78th Golden Globe Awards, and is a collaboration work between Academy Award-winning director, Kevin Macdonald, and the production team of 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' and 'The Favourite'. It is based on the true story of the New York Times' best-selling book, a tense story and the actors' indescribable passionate performance will be played.

'The Mauritanian', which draws more attention as a work that Benedict Cumberbatch attempted for both production and appearance, will be released in March.

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