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'MINARI', Oscar nominated film, Releases main poster

[by Ent Team] 'MINARI' released its main poster.

'MINARI', which will be released in Korea on March 3, has been nominated for the 93rd Academy Awards (OSCAR) preliminary nomination for the first time in 2 categories of The Best Music and The Best Original Song Awards, raised its possibilities of the Oscars Awards.

'MINARI' is a wonderful story that the whole world has waited for in 2021, containing a very special journey of a Korean family who has left for the U.S. in search of hope.

On the 9th (U.S. local time), the 93rd Academy Awards announced 10 preliminary works in 9 awards categories. The preliminary candidate, called as 'Shortlist', is selected only in 9 categories, including The Best International Drama Film Award, The Best Picture Award & The Best Acting Award, as well as The Best Feature Documentary Award, The Best Short Documentary Award, The best Makeup Award, The Best Music Award, The Best Original Song Award, The Best Short Animation and The Best Short Live Action Award. 'MINARI' was selected as the Best Music Award and the Best Original Song Award. Among the 10 works, 5 final nominations to compete for the main prize will be released together on March 15, when candidates in major categories will be announced.

Emile Mosseri, the music director of 'MINARI', who is a Los Angeles-based composer, pianist, singer and producer, has created a warm and hopeful atmosphere that the work provides. He has created the music born with a perfect harmony between the mind, background, and story of the family, he won 4 music awards at prestigious film associations and awards ceremonies including the Boston Critics Association, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the Capri Hollywood International Film Festival, and the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

In addition, Han Ye Ri sings directly 'Rain Song', the theme song of 'MINARI', attracting attention. The song was composed by Emile Mosseri and Han Ye Ri participated in the process of translation of English lyrics to Korean. The dreamlike and comfortable notes and Han Ye Ri's clear voice add to leave a deep lingering impression in the hearts of the audience. Nominations including the 93rd Academy Awards for The Best Picture and The Best Acting will be announced on March 15 and the awards ceremony will be held on April 25.

Meanwhile, the released main poster draws the attention containing a family member, ranging from father, Steven Yeun, to eldest daughter, Noel Kate Cho, youngest son, David and mother, Han Ye Ri, holding hands to root out hope in a strange land. While the father, 'Jacob' is caring for his daughter but the weight of a mysterious head of household is expressed, and the mother, 'Monica' is showing a warm look of love toward such a husband, making the heart moved. It also contains the pure appearance of eldest daughter, 'Ann', and youngest son, 'David', who seems to be enjoying the new world, raising questions about each character. In addition, the sunshine and beautiful scenery toward the family add to the warmth of the atmosphere, and the copy of 'This the movie we need right now' foretells a beautiful and universal story that penetrates the world, amplifying expectations. In addition, the amazing award history, including the Golden Globe Foreign Language Film Award nominee, proves the perfect cinematic quality and announces the birth of the most hottest film in 2021. 

Actor team of 'MINARI' portrayed a special family lovingly containing Korean emotion and American life in a fantastic acting breath. Steven Yeun, who reborn-ed a world class actor in the 'The Walking Dead' series, 'Okja' and 'Burning', played Jacob, a father who puts his full energy into the farm for his family, and Han Ye Ri, who has delivered sympathy and consolation to the public based on her solid acting ability in the films, 'Sea Fog', 'Worst Woman', the dramas, 'Years of Youth', 'Nokdu Flower' and 'My Family', gave a passionate performance as 'Monica', a mother who leads her family in unfamiliar America.

Also, Yoon Yeo Jung, a representative Korean actress who has recently reached the peak of her career in movies, dramas, and entertainment, TvN's 'Youn Stay', played the role of Soon Ja, a grandmother who doesn't know what it is like to be like, but knows how to love her family. In addition, child actors cast through fierce competition, energize the play as the mischievous youngest 'David' (Alan Kim), who presents the best tikitaka with his grandmother, and "Noel Kate Cho", a deep daughter who can comfort her mother and a reliable sister of her younger brother. Attention is drawn on whether 'MINARI', which was nominated for the Best Ensemble Award, will be able to continue the Oscar move of 'Parasite'.

Starting with the Grand Prize of the 36th Sundance Film Festival and the Audience Award, it has recorded 144 nominations and 61 awards winning at worldwide film associations and awards, including the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film, the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards for Ensemble Award, Best Supporting Actress and Best Actor. There have been explosive reviews from leading foreign media outlets, including 'Best Movie of the Year' from DBR, 'Notable at the Oscars to succeed Parasite' from Deadline Hollywood Daily, 'This movie is a miracle' from The Wrap, 'The Best Cross-Border Film' from Vague Visages, and 'A work containing the beauty of the world' from Boston Hassle, and it has been selected as a leading candidate for the Academy in Film-specialized media, Variety and Guardian.

Director Lee Isaac Chung, who raised sensation by nominating for the Golden Camera Award and Notable Gaze categories at the 60th Cannes Film Festival with 'MUNYURANGABO', directed the film. In addition, the meeting between Brad Pitt's production company Plan B, which produced Academy Award-winning works including 'Moon Light', '12 Years a Slave, and North American distributor, A24, who successfully led the Oscars several times, including 'Moon Light', 'Room', 'Lady Bird', 'The Lobster', and 'The Florida Project', raises the audience's expectations to the fullest.
'MINARI', which has raised highly attention by releasing the main poster along with the selection of Oscar candidates, will be released in theaters nationwide on March 3 this spring. (Photo Credit: Pancinema)

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