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‘Space Sweepers’, Release behind-the-scenes still cuts bursting out the chemistry of team members

[by Ent Team] Behind-the-scenes cuts of ‘Space Sweepers’ was released.
The film, ‘Space Sweepers’, which the crews of space garbage cleaning vessel discovered Dorothy, a humanoid robot known as a weapons of mass destruction, and then jumped into a dangerous trade in 2092, released the behind-the-scenes still cuts  be indebted to the hot love pouring in upon its release.

The released still cuts draws the attention as containing a harmonious atmosphere at the filming site and the actors who are immersed in the filming. ‘Space Sweepers’, created by the efforts of those who spent several months in the spacecraft forming fantastic chemistry, delivered unprecedented joy to viewers around the world with its amazing spectacles and energetic stories.

It is possible to guess the warm atmosphere of the filming site through Song Joon Gi who said that  the site of ‘Space Sweepers’ was ‘a heart-to-heart site’, Yoo Hae Jin, who said that the actors of similar colors met and couldn’t stop laughing, staff members handing out a cake to celebrate for Hollywood actor Richard Armitage, who appeared in a Korean movie for the first time.

As more than 2,000 out of 2,500 cuts were completed by VFX work, the filming site of ‘Space Sweepers’ had many synthetic chromakey green mats, and it took considerable concentration and effort from all staff and actors. Director, Cho Seung Hee, remembered at an online press conference held on the 2nd, “There was so many  works to be prepared in the production stage and it was a site where all the staff needed imagination. Even though there were some difficulties, everyone faced the shooting with expectation”.

As Song Joong Gi gave credit to the director and said, “It wasn't that difficult because the production team prepared thoroughly.”, Jin Sun-kyu shook, drew laughter and said, “It was a little awkward at first, but after I got used to it, I saw the Chromakey Green Mat as the space.”, it suggested that there was a teamwork of actors and staff full of consideration and affection for each other behind the birth of Space Sweepers, which surprised the world.
Meanwhile,‘Space Sweepers’, which released the filming site that was hot with extraordinary efforts and enthusiasm, is streaming while getting the greatest of praises in 190 countries around the world through Netflix.

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Write: 2021-02-16 08:55:39 / Update: 2021-02-16 09:11:42

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