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‘Just seeing the poster make you excited.’, Netflix’s Movie, ‘Cha In Pyo’, Releasing the main trailer

[by Ent Team] Netflix released the main trailer of movie, ‘Cha In Pyo’.
The released trailer stimulates curiosity on Cha In Pyo, who is in crisis, and the unpredictable situations occurred surrounding him.

Cha In Pyo always maintains a figure of his best days with perfect self-management, but everything gets in a mess because he cannot maintain his popularity of his best days. Then one day, he ran into danger of a lifetime that the building collapsed while taking a shower.

Cha In Pyo, who is in the biggest difficulty since his debut as he has been buried naked in the wrong place, if he asks people to save him, his nice image that have held for more than 20 years can be destroyed for a moment. His manager, Ah Ram (Cho Dal Hwan), takes action to save Cha In Pi-ho, who is in danger, but, his efforts lead to another misunderstanding again, Cha In Pyo is more afraid of hitting on his image as gentle, straight and strong than being trapped in a collapsed building. Cha In Pyo, who has to get out unnoticed, and his manager, Kim Ah Ram, who has to rescue him safely unnoticed. Everyone's eyes are focused on whether the two person's fresh and tearful struggling comedy will create a Cha In Pyo syndrome once again.

The Netflix movie, ‘Cha In Pyo’, is a work that comically expresses the process of actor, Cha In Pyo, who was a big star, struggling to regain the glory of his best days. The movie,‘Cha In Pyo’, not only uses his real name and image of the star, Cha In Pyo, who overwhelmed in the’90s, but also changes his image to the fullest extent, noticing the birth of a comedy that has never been before with fresh plan and unhindered laughter. It will be released on January 1 (Photo Credit: Captured Trailer of 'Cha In Pyo')

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[Photo] Kim Seong Kyu, ‘Appeal Without An Exit’ 20201214

Write: 2020-12-21 14:51:14 / Update: 2020-12-21 14:55:28

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