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Lee Ga Eun, Her first starring film, ‘Motelier’, will be released today (3rd)... Releasing new charm

[by Ent Team] Lee Ga Eun made her first leap as an actress,  heralding a new charm.
Lee Ga Eun’s first starring film,‘Motelier’is a sexy, comic, honest, empathetic omnibus film for 20s to 30s, which is dealing with happening thrillingly in motel and makes you think, ‘Isn’t this about me?’

Lee Ga Eun took a role of Yoo Da Hee, who graduated from the hotel tourism department and got a job at a motel. She is a person who feels a sense of mission in her job, secretly delivers various stories from motels through podcast, and is expected to increase the fun of the film by providing various interesting episodes.

The news of entry into the movie by Lee Ga Eun is even more special because she proudly won the starring role although it was her first film challenge. Not only Lee Ga Eun's appearance as an actress, but Lee Ga Eun's her own charm that has never been seen before, is raising expectations more.

Lee Ga Eun debuted in 2012 on After-School’s single album, ‘Flashback’, and announced a new challenge as an actress by building a new nest on her agency, High Entertainment, in 2019. Since then, she has been active, ranging from casting news for the web drama, ‘Another Peaceful Day of Second-Hand Items’ to communication with fans through the YouTube channel,‘Gaeun Day’.

Meanwhile,‘Motelier’, starring Lee Ga Eun, will be released today (3rd) for the first time through various platforms including IPTV, Wavve, Naver Series On, and TVING, and is scheduled to release sequentially on Google Play, Bear TV and Watcha. (Phot Credit: High Entertainment)

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Write: 2020-12-14 13:34:52 / Update: 2020-12-14 13:55:09

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