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‘The Way to Go Is History’, BTS’s ‘Life Goes On’, Also No.1 on ‘Hot 100’ in U.S. Billboard Chart

[by Ent Team] BTS is rewriting the history of worldwide pop music.
BTS takes the place of the 1st Korean singer to top the U.S. Billboard’s main single chart, 'Hot 100', with 'Dynamite', followed by their new song, ‘Life Goes On’, with Korean lyrics, ranked as the top, marking a page in Billboard's history.

According to the latest chart of Billboard, the U.S. music expert media, released on the 30th of last month (December 5th), BTS’s new album, ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’, released on

November 20, ranked as the top on the main album chart, 'Billboard 200'. Its title track, ‘Life Goes On’, ranked as the top on the 'Hot 100' chart. On Billboard's two main charts, which reflect their performance in the first week of their release, they both achieved great success as entering the 1st ranking.

According to Billboard, it is the first time in Billboard's 62-year history that a Korean-language lyrics-oriented song has ranked as the top on the 'Hot 100' chart. In addition, BTS is the only group that newly entered as the 1st rank into 2 main charts simultaneously in the same week: 'Hot 100' and 'Billboard 200'.

What's more remarkable thing is that on the day we heard that their digital single, ‘Dynamite’, ranked as the top on the 'Hot 100' chart for the first time, all 7 songs on ‘BE’
, except for "Skit," which recorded the seven members' unpretentious conversations. ‘Dynamite’ on track 8 of the new album jumped 11 ranking from the previous week to 3rd place, charted-in by “Blue & Grey” at 13th, “Stay” at 22nd, “Fly to My Room” at 69th, “Telepathy” at 70th and “Dis-ease” at 72nd.

‘Life Goes On’, ranked as the top on the “Hot 100” as well as 'Billboard Global 200', 'Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.)', 'Digital Song Sales', and 'World Digital Song Sales'. It also stood out in 'Billboard Global 200' and 'Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.)', which rank by adding up the number of streams and sales in more than 200 regions around the world. In 2 charts, which are indicators to be cable to know 'global power', all tracks of 'BE', except for 'Skit', also settled at the top rank.  

In addition, BTS also achieved 'Line-Up On The Chart' by filling the 1st to 6th, and 8th rank on 'Digital Song Sales' with the tracks of 'BE'. Starting with 'Life Goes On' as the 1st, recorded 'Blue & Grey' as 2nd, 'Stay' as 3rd, 'Telepathy' as 4th, 'Dis-ease' as 5th, 'Fly to My Room' as 6th, and 'Dynamite' as 8th.

In addition, 'BE' ranked as the top on number of album charts including 'Top Album Sales' and 'The Independent Album', 'Canadian Album', 'Taste Maker Album', 'The World album'. On 'Social 50' chart that can check the popularity of artist based on SNS worldwide, it ranked the top as 207th time in their career and the 177th consecutive week

BTS, who has written a new history of worldwide pop music, ranking as the top on the 'Hot 100' chart in just 3 months only. Foreign medias also noted their achievements. Vulture, an U.S. entertainment media, reported, "BTS has rewritten history by entering as the top rank on 'Hot 100' with non-English-speaking song", and Entertainment Weekly also evaluated highly saying, "BTS has done it again. They ranked as the top on 'Billboard 200' chart even 10 days after they released BE". 

Meanwhile, 'BE' also entered newly as the top rank on weekly album of Japan's latest Oricon chart (as of December 7), recording sales of 191,000 around copies. (Photo Credit: Big Hit Entertainment)

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