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‘Prove blue chips on Chungmu-ro’, Lee Yeon confirmed casting for ‘Isolated Island’

[by Ent Team] Lee Yeon confirmed her appearance in the film, ‘Isolated Island’  .
'Isolated Island' (written/directed by Kim Mi Young, produced by Bori and Odi Film) is a production supported for the independent arts feature section of the Korean Film Council, which contains  the story of 3 persons, Sung Yoon Chul, a 40-year-old divorced man who won the award in his 20s as a youth sculptor, and his daughter Sung Ji Na, who inherited his talent, and Heo Young Ji, a college lecturer of Bohemian nature, and their surrounding people.

Lee Yeon took a role of Sung Ji Na, the daughter of Sung Yoon Chul (Park Jong Hwan). Sung Ji Na is a decisive character who chooses an unexpected path while preparing for an art college entrance exam. It will delicately express the complex inner side of the character standing in front of an important decision of a lifetime, and draw warmly the process of the father and daughter, whose relationship is close yet far apart, getting to know each other.

Lee Yeon, who showed perfect character digestion power as if she were dressed in custom clothes in every film in regards of genre, such as dramas, ‘Pythoness’, ‘Blink’, ‘Wave Height’ and film, ‘Nameless’, was recently cast to play the role of Lee Eun Seo as a disorderly student in KBS 2TV’s drama special, ‘To my assailant’, drawing much attention from fans. She also proved to be as a Chungmu-ro's rising star, playing the role of Kim Ye Won, who tries to protect her love in front of the hopeless reality in the screening film, ‘Take me home’, which is a highly acclaimed showing the true meaning of her family, showing a solid acting ability and a strong presence that is not like a rookie.

Meanwhile, the film, ‘Isolated Island’  that Lee Yeon, expanding her spectrum as an actor without fear of new transformations and challenges, plays, is scheduled to be released next year. (Photo Credit: Eco Global Group)

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Write: 2020-11-30 16:38:02 / Update: 2020-11-30 16:52:45

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