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‘It is interesting even starting with promoting’ Lee Je-hoon, Jo Woo-jin, Shin Hae-sun and Lim Won-hee had a photomatic photo shoot for ‘Collectors’ for themselves

[by Ent Team] Actors and actress such as Lee Je-hoon, Jo Woo-jin, Shin Hae-sun, Lim Won-hee challenged a photomatic photo shoot for 'Collectors'.

Lee Je-hoon, Jo Woo-jin, Shin Hae-sun, and Lim Won-hee prepared their own props, costumes and concepts for the shoot, and presented the standard practice of a photomatic photo shoot. Above all, we can see four people cheerful chemistry in the unveiled photomatic photo shoot for ‘Collectors’. The sense of using props such as lantern, hat, magnifying glass and shovels, which are symbols of grave robbers along with unique poses and facial expressions is remarkable. The photo shoot of Lee Je-hoon and Jo Woo-jin shows the cute and cool charms of the two men. The first reason why they decided to appear in the movie was that they wanted to cast each other, so the photos also show the two actors’ chemistry in their fullness.

Each photo shoot was completed with bringing out own personality. Life photo shoot of Cute and cool Lee Je-hoon, heartwarming Jo Woo-jin, very charismatic Shin Hae-sun and Lim Won-hee who revealed his hidden sexiness and humor have been completed. The strong chemistry shown in the movie makes us look forward to the movie 'Collectors' just like three actors and an actress who feel like real friends.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Collectors’ is a crime-enthusiastic film in which natural born genius grave robber Kang Dong-gu(Lee Je-hoon) digs up relics hidden under the ground with experts from all over the country. A new theme named ‘Collectors’ and a charming chemistry among Lee Je-hoon, Jo Woo-jin, Shin Hae-sun and Lim Won-hee are expected and the movie will give a pleasant entertainment in November. (Photo: Siren Pictures)

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Write: 2020-10-27 10:21:34 / Update: 2020-10-27 11:31:26

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