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‘Shocking makeover of a pregnant woman’, Confirmed to be released of ‘More Than Family’ to be released in November starring Jeong Soo Jung

[by Ent Team] Starring Jeong Soo Jung, ‘More Than Family’ released the teaser poster & trailer with the news of its release in November.

The misfortune on top of misfortune comic drama, ‘More Than Family’, starring actress Jeong Soo Jeong, was officially invited to ‘Today-Panorama Section’ of  the 25th Busan International Film Festival, and then released teaser posters and teaser trailers along with news of its confirmed release in November. Movie, ‘More Than Family’ , is a misfortune on top of misfortune comic drama about a five-month-old pregnant woman, Toil (Jeong Soo Jung), who goes out looking for her biological father, who was out of touch 15 years ago, and her prospective father, who left the house..  

It is the sixth movie by ATO, a production company that has emerged as a representative brand of Korean well-made movies worthy of name by producing 'The World of Us', 'Last Child' and ‘The House of Us’. ‘More Than Family’, a movie with a different  mood than the movies that ATO has shown so far, draws attention from prospective audiences with its fresh and bouncing pleasant charm that doesn't know where it pops.

A figure of the Toil standing firm with a bulging belly and a tight grip on the carrier shows her determined will that seems to determine something, adding here, 3 clues, including ‘Hint: Daegu Resident, Mr. Choi, and Technical Family Teacher’,   raise curiosity about her searching story for her biological father. Also, the tag, ‘Finding father over long way’ is connected to the witty title, ‘More Than Family’, it raises expectations for a misfortune on top of misfortune  comic drama announcing the comical situation that  ‘Toil’ will go through in a situation where there's literally a lot of  ‘Love & Sorrow’ from the present father and real father to a to-be-father.

The teaser trailer of ‘More Than Family’, released with the teaser poster, amplifies the expectation with retro-style comic music and a misfortune on top of misfortune story beyond imagination. Bursting an energy of unusual laughter from the scene where Toil, who became pregnant with her younger boyfriend, Hohoon, announced a five-year plan after childbirth at marriage pledge to her parents, the line, "I knew that I'd get into an accident one day, but it's surreal", informs the birth of an unrivaled female character.

In addition, the lines, such as ‘You lived well and then suddenly I came with you’, ‘You don't know well since you live only in a normal family’, raise curiosity about the movie, inferring that Toil has a hidden family history. Also, a bouncing copy of 'Kim Toil's coruscating multi-father movie' and various story of father-rich ‘Toil’ leaving in search of her real father raises expectations by informing the birth of a comic drama for the entire family that will be in charge of the pleasant laughter of the theater this fall

Above all, not only acting transformation of Jung Soo Jung, an actress who will show her true self as an actor through a new challenge, but Jang Hye Jin, an actress who was spotlighted around the world for ‘Parasite’, Choi Deok Moon, a ten million-year-old actor with impressive performances in ‘Assassination’ and ‘Drug King’, Kang Mal Geum, an actress who was quickly raised to the mainstream by winning the Baeksang Arts Awards for Best

Female New Actress with 'Lucky Chanil', the comic chemistry and the acting ensemble, which will be presented by Chungmuro's golden lineup actors gathered for 'More Than Family', also get the explosive expectations..

Starring Jeong Soo Jung, an actor who announced the birth of a pleasant and coruscating comic drama by releasing teaser posters and teaser trailers, ‘More Than Family’ is released officially in theaters in November.

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Write: 2020-10-12 16:37:07 / Update: 2020-10-13 09:24:59

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