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Do you want to relieve Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) stress? Movie, ‘Night of the Undead’

[by Ent Team] Movie, ‘Night of the Undead’ has ranked as the top on the list of the most wanted movie during Chuseok

The movie, ‘Night of the Undead’ ranked as the top as an overwhelming margin in the survey asking, ‘The most anticipated movie of the 28th week? What movie do you want to see the most in the theater during Chuseok?’, which was conducted by Yes24, a booking special website. On Chuseok this year, comic films such as 'Night of the Undead', ‘Security’ and ‘International Investigation’ are scheduled to release. Among them, “Night of the Undead” is drawing attention as it ranked as the top on the list of movies that people want to see the most on Chuseok.

The movie, ‘Night of the Undead’ is a comic thriller film drawing the story to kill the immortal unbreakable. It is a new film in eight years by director, Shin Jeong Won, who mass-produced manias through films of ‘Sicilia 2km’, ‘Chaw’ and 'The fortune tellers', and is drawing much anticipation by movie fans. Attention is focusing on how original and unique colors will be contained in this film as well. Through the survey, it is possible to know that such expectations are quite high.

As expected, director, Shin Jeong Won, shows the amazing idea of a fight between the Unbreakable, who came to Earth with the aim of mankind ruin, and 3 female high school alumni in Korea against it is on the screen.

In addition, it previses a special fun only with the combination of four actor and actress, Lee Jeong Hyeon, Kim Seong Oh, Seo Young Hee, Yang Dong Geon, and Lee Mi Do. In the fighting between girls' high school alumni and unbreakable, they have definite will to kill, but perform passionately in an unprecedented fighting that does not kill a single person.

Especially, Lee Jeong Hyeon, Seo Young Hee, and Lee Mi Do, the trio of high school girls who are appeared as strong girls, show a special bond among women, In here, Unbreakable, Kim Seong Oh, director of the Mystery Institute, Yang Dong Geun, join to show the strongest synergy.

‘Night of the Undead’ will draw attention from audiences of all generations this Chuseok, introducing the birth of a new movie that has never been seen before, containing comedy, thriller, SF, horror and action. It will be released on the 29th. (Photo Credit: The Contents On)

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Write: 2020-09-29 09:44:19 / Update: 2020-09-29 09:53:23

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