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Mukbang of hot YouTubers, what did they eat?

[by Lim Jaeho] There are people as hot as celebrities these days. They are influencers and YouTubers. There are also many interesting TV programs, but consisting of the diversification of platforms, many people began to enjoy various contents such as YouTube and Netflix rather than TV.

YouTubers present various contents, but wouldn't it be Mukbang that has been consistently popular content from old times? If you are hungry at home, the food that YouTubers eat is tempting enough to make you want to eat it all. What kind of food do YouTubers enjoy eating these days? Let's figure it out from now on.


Even it's easy and simple to eat and can buy it at the local convenience store, but wouldn't it be ramen that want to eat it the most when seeing a Mukbang at home?  'AjeoC ASMR', a YouTuber who presents Mukbang focusing on the sound of eating, is loved by subscribers as giving the sound of enjoying various menus deliciously. Among them, the video of eating ramen definitely tempts you want to eat at home. Ramen Mukbang video that makes you want to pour water in a pot and put it on the stove, wouldn't it be the food that comes to mind the most when feel hungry but don't have anything to eat right now? Let's enjoy the ramen that is easy to  enjoy.

Maratang & Guobaorou

'Yeosu Unnie', Youtuber who is famous for eating steadily for a long time. Since the food looks like a lot but she keeps eating everything deliciously in one place, she is a YouTuber who makes viewers think that the food she eats must be really delicious. It was Guobaorou and Maratang that tempt viewers most eat among food eaten recently. It is definitely a harmony of fantasy, if enjoying the spicy taste of Maratang, which makes the mouth tingling and spicy, and take a bite of the sour and sweet Guobaorou. If you want to enjoy all the flavors of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy, let's enjoy Maratang and Guobaorou together.

Goobne Chicken

Wouldn't it be chicken if selecting the core of Mukbang? 'HONG SOUND', a YouTuber who is loved with plain Mukbang and talk. As eating a Red Pepper Crunch of Goobne Chicken, he expressed it as very delicious because of its spicy with a plain taste. The temptation of Red Pepper Basasak is not just in chicken only, but the gobling sauce and marbling sauce that come with it also doubles the taste of chicken. Marbling sauce made with mayonnaise base enriches a savory flavor, while gobling sauce with  red pepper base is perfect for those who enjoy spicy taste because it is spicy and spicy. It is possible to feel the charm of plain chicken, baked without frying.

If you want to enjoy such a Goobne Chicken right now?

If you want to eat Goobne Chicken right now after watching YouTube, why don't you visit the Goobne Chicken branch located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. As Tsim Sha Tsui branch in Hong Kong can eat chicken looking at the nice night view, the taste of chicken will be felt more delicious. It is a good place to eat chicken not only with your family and but with your lover comfortably. The original menu of Goobne Chicken boasts a plain taste, baked without frying. As the juices when taking a bite are very attractive and plain, you won't be sick of it even if eating a lot. Red Pepper Basasak, a popular menu that Hong Sound also ate, is a chicken with a spicy red pepper scent adding savory taste. It is perfect for those who enjoy a spicy taste, not too spicy. Its charm is making enjoy with doubled taste of chicken using the gobling sauce and marbling sauce that comes with it. If you have a menu you want to eat right now after watching Mukbang in YouTube, let's go  to the Tsim Sha Tsui branch of Goobne Chicken in Hong Kong. (Photo Source: AjeoC ASMR, Yeosu Unnie, HONG SOUND YouTube Channel Captured, Goobne Chicken Official Website)

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