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‘Mr. Trot’ Concert, Postponed indefinitely from the 21st due to symptoms of the Corona pandemic.

[by Ent Team] The 3rd week of the "Mr. Trot" Seoul Concert has been postponed indefinitely.

The Seoul performance of ‘Tomorrow is Mr. Trot’ Public Appreciation Concert (hereinafter referred to as ‘Mr. Trot’ Concert), which was scheduled for 21st to 23rd, will be suspended indefinitely. It will be announced later whether the regional concert scheduled henceforth will be held or not.

The ‘Mr. Trot’ Concert decided to postpone the performance for the health and safety of the people under the situation that COVID 19  is rapidly spreading around Seoul and the metropolitan area and gathering visitors from all over the country.

The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters (CCH) recently raised the ‘social distance’ from the 1st level to the 2nd level in the Seoul metropolitan area on the 15th, due to the increment of COVID 19 confirmed cases sharply, with the number of daily confirmed cases exceeding 100 continuously.

The concert, which had been postponed 4 times due to COVID 19, has opened on the 7th under thorough quarantine thanks to constant consultation and steady efforts by the jurisdictional district office, production company, cast members and staffs.

Especially, in the concert, it was possible to meet  around 50,000 spectators during the 10 times of concert through tighter quarantine countermeasures, such as disinfecting the concert hall , wearing masks, measuring body temperature, preparing a questionnaire, keeping distance from seat to seat, and banning shouts. They  followed the quarantine guidelines thoroughly including lining up in an orderly manner keeping a certain distance according to the instructions of staffs, responding to the artists' stage with applause instead of shouting.

In addition, singers who appeared in the concert also emphasized repeatedly wearing masks and the ban on shouting during the concert. According to this, the audience created a new culture of performance by following the guideline of ‘social distancing’ without taking the mask off  during  more than 3 hours of performance, but the performance was postponed inevitably with urgency. 

Meanwhile, the 5th performance of ‘Mr. Trot’ Concert will be inevitably postponed indefinitely from the 21st, regarding as the health and safety of the people as the top priority. (Photo Credit: ShowPlay)

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Write: 2020-08-21 17:15:00 / Update: -1-11-30 00:00:00

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