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Mackenzie Davis is likely to be born as new generation horror queen in the film ‘The Turning’

[by Ent Team] Mackenzie Davis in the film ‘The Turning’ is likely to be born as a new generation horror queen succeeding the former horror queens like Vera Farmiga and Lupita Nyong’o.

The film “The Turning” (directed by Floria Sigismondi) depicts the story in which Kate as a tutor (played by Mackenzie Davis) became to take care of Flora (played by Brooklynn Prince) and Miles (played by Finn Wolfhard) who suddenly became the last owners of a large mansion.

Kate who is played by Mackenzie Davis suffers a lot of great nightmarish swamp which is filled with endless doubts after she accepts the suggestion of the job of governess for Miles and Flora who are the last inheritors of large mansion. The producers of “The Turning” have selected Mackenzie Davis as an actress who would transmit to the audiences the horror and confusion which Kate suffers at the mansion as well as the tension created between two children.

They are satisfied with the casting of Mackenzie as the main character in the film by saying “Mackenzie Davis has been the top priority for our casting. We even have not tried to send any scenario to other actors for casting”. Mackenzie Davis is likely to show who is the real next-generation horror queen by transmitting the ultimate horror which she feels as Kate to the audiences by using the unique description of the scene with her eyes and body actions when she plays a role of Kate who is in the midst of the horror which is created by two children.

Prior to Mackenzie, there were horror film queens such as Vera Farmiga and Lupita Nyong’o. Vera Farmiga showed the strong action in the series ‘The Conjuring’ as Lorraine Warren who suffers the exorcism, thus leading the series to the success. Lupita Nyong’o played a role of Nakia to show her talent in the film ‘Black Panther’, and then got acclaims when she showed her strong presence in the horror thriller film ‘Us’. As such, subsequent to these actresses who showed the distinctive actions in the horror movie genre, people expects that Mackenzie Davis would show good actions in the film “The Turning” to take the role of horror queen.

By the way, the film ‘The Turning’ is planned to be released on Apr. 2. (Source of photo: Smile E&T)

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