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Introducing food that promotes your taste bud with its smoky flavor

[by Jeon Hye Jin] Korea’s love for spicy food is well known throughout the world. When you look up ‘Spicy food Mukbang’ review on YouTube, you can meet many people around the world who can hooked and shocked by its spiciness. But it can’t just be simply spicy. It has to be deliciously spicy. We are introducing spicy foods beloved by Koreans.

>>Nuclear Fire Noodles

There is this bastard who showed the Korea spiciness’ reputation. It is the Nuclear Fire Noodle by Samyang Food. When it released in Korea, it shook the entire peninsula with its spiciness but now, when you type Nuclear Fire Noodle Challenge, you see different people who are doing it. Its viewing point is people who are suffering the pain while sweating. The Fire Noodle series have 7 different types and the spiciest product is the Nuclear Fire Noodle. Because people are used to its spicy flavor, some spicy taste addicted Koreans show strange act of buying separate sauce and apply it multiple times.

When you are having a very stressful day, we recommend Samyang’s Fire Noodle. Its hot flavor that fills down to your stomach will turn off the fire in your heart. (Photo Credit: Samyang official page)

>> ‘Goobne Mara Volcano Chicken’

Recently, the typhoon called ‘mala’ took over the Korean peninsula. The food utilizing ‘Mala’ spice from Sichuan China such as Malatang, Ma la Xian Guo, Mala longxia and others are gaining popularity. Mala has numbing and addictive spicy flavor that among mania’s there is a saying like ‘Mala People’, and ‘Blood Mala Level’. In addition, there was a shocking incident of the release of new Mala ice cream that shook the Mala people. It is settling as one of dinning culture overcoming the trendiness.

“Delicious food + Delicious thing = More Delicious Food!” This is an equation. The ‘Mala Volcano’ released by Goobne chicken is cooked by applying special mala sauce on top of its previous volcano sauce. The spicy taste like flame from the volcano sauce and Sichuan Mala’s lava like numbing spicy taste meets and provide different kind of spiciness. On top of that, its superior umami flavor from thoroughly applied mala volcano sauce from Goobne Chicken’s unique oven roast is an obvious thing to say. Its addictive flavor that makes you want to eat more from volcano’s smoky flavor is its specialty. It is cooked well to be suitable for regular Korean consumer’s taste bud, who are not used to the mala taste. (Photo Credit: Goobne Chicken Official webpage)

>> ‘Songju Fire Naengmyeon

One of the Korean franchise Naengmyeon restaurant, Songju Fire Naengmyeon’s online sale have changed the scenery of Korean spicy food on YouTube Korea. Especially, when popular spicy food Mukbang BJ ‘Dorothy’ uploaded a Mukbang video, it changed everything. The Songju Fire Naengmyeon video by Dorothy from last May have achieved 20 million views. This product, which was sold out multiple times, can’t be just described as spicy. When we try to create a spicy taste, because of costing and other reason, we use Capsaicin. But Songju Fire Noodle created clean spicy flavor with natural food ingredient that it changed the entire game.

According to the its review, it has a reputation of the ultimate spicy flavor: “I’ve met the grandmother who passed away 5 years ago while eating this.” “When you put all the sauce in it, you can somehow pass through the entrance but we can’t guarantee the smooth exit”.(Photo Credit: Songju Fire Naengmyeon Store Farm Homepage)

>> ‘Hanshin Pocha Spicy Chicken Feet’

When you look in to the spicy chicken feet, there is one place that pop into your mind. The spicy chicken feet by ‘Hanshin Pocha’. Hanshin Chicken feet is Hanshin Pocha’s specialty menu that is known for soft and addictive taste by poaching the chicken feet into the boiling hot chicken feet. To be honest, it’s the other rising fire chicken feet can be more spicy. But who could possibly go against its forbidden fire chicken’s taste that is constantly hot, sweet and painfully delicious dish since 1995 with Baek Jubu(House-Wife)’s know-how? (Photo Credit: Hanshin Pocha Official page)

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