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Puppy-like vs Kitty-like, comparing stars charm

[by Jeong Hye Jin] Everyone has their own impression. We usually separate them into two types. Which are puppy-like and kitty-like. People with nice, round and cute impression are called puppy-like and people who have sharp eyes with sophisticated, chic look are kitty-like.
Park Bo Young is the most well-known star with puppy-like charm along with Suzy, IU, Han Ji Min; stars who are known for sharp kitty like charm are Han Ye Seul, Krystal, Jennie and ITZY YEJI. Let’s thoroughly look into stars colorful charms with different impressions.

#Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young with big eyes with double eye lids is one of the star known as ‘puppy-like’ look.  Park Bo Young, who has big round eyes and small petite bodyline, is also known as young looking star. Her white skin and chubby chick makes her look much cuter and lovely like a puppy.

Park Bo Young, who is also active as the chicken brand Goobne Chicken’s exclusive model, show her unique loveliness in the commercial. she shows Mukbang that makes every audience hungry. She also showed us the Mukbang angel side by deliciously eating the chicken leg while giving anticipating look toward the freshly baked chicken from the oven. Park Bo Young, who communicated with her fans in a friendly and decent manner, showed her lovely appearance in advertisements. Park Bo Young’s TVCF, ‘Goobne Original’ and ‘Goobne Galbi King’, are boasting unchanging popularity as Goobne chicken’s best seller. The word on the street they are even more beloved with delicious chicken on top of her lovely Mukbang.


Suzy from Miss A is known as the icon of Korea’s first love. With kind eyes, Suzy tend to look more like sweet puppy as her makeup gets lighter. Also her chubby cheek and white skin with no dark spot work as one of the component that makes her much younger. She is gaining popularity with her puppy-like look that promotes protective instinct not only from guys but also girls.


Singer IU is beloved consistently with her young looks and crazy singing ability. With round nose and defined facial structure, IU is a star who knowns contradicting charm with her down to earth personality. Especially, she is gaining big popularity from fans by showing her down-to-earth self on social media. She usually uses makeup that emphasize big eyes and cherry-like lips to highlight her puppy-like appearance.

#Han Ji Min

Han Ji Min, who melts men’s heart with her pure and soft smile. With pure and clear image, she is also known as ‘puppy-like’ look. Han Ji Min, who shows various images in drama, showed her unique puppy-like beauty, cute and lovely, at an entertainment show. She, who has no dark spot and glowing skin, usually communicate with fans via social media and show her down to earth charm without filter.

#Han Ye Seul

The hottest star, Han Ye Seul with selfish legs and superior beauty. With continually updating beauty, she is the star who represent kitty-like look. She has the perfect kitty like face with cat like round and upward eyes and lips. She, who looks great with colorful makeup, boast selfish visual with define structure.


Krystal, who has a cool and daunting appearance. She, who is known as the stereotype of cold beauty, has a kitty-like look. She, who has sharp chin-line, thin lips, and stretch upward eyes, frequently shows daunting and chic mood. Krystal, who is known for her great fashion sense, enjoys sophisticated and chic fashion styling that suits cold looking image.


Black Pink Jennie who has attractive kitty-like look. Jennie, who has chubby cheek and round face, shows contradicting charm with her kitty like face after putting makeup on. Jennie, who is known as the hottest face nowadays, always bring big issue with her fashion. Jennie, who pulls anything who put on well, is one of the well-known star with attractive kitty-like face.

#ITZY Yeji

ITZY Yeji has the standard kitty like face. Yeji, who boast her small face and defined facial structure, has the colorful ‘kitty-like’ face. She, who has breezy facial structure, emphasized her kitty like look through baby makeup that makes her eyes look upward. (photo by: Park Bo Young V LIVE, Goobne Chicken TVCF Capture, Suzy, IU, Han JI MIn, Han Ye Seul, Krystal, Jennie, ITZY Yeji Instagram)

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