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Natural Dyeing brand ‘Coloring Nature’ is hot in small business

Natural Dyeing room “Coloring the Nature” is getting spotlight as women's entrepreneurial trend in 2019, Coloring the Natural, opening its first location in Busan Sa Gik Dong, provides its special service: From scalp condition check to individual specialize consultation, dyeing hair, and hair care, it provides individually curated care recipe that could manage all of the above.

‘Coloring Nature’ is getting spotlight for people who are looking into one man low budget business and women start up business and mom’s business. Recently, it has drawn attention from the Dyeing industry with its natural dyeing technique. The Hypo-allergenic dyes, developed using the traditional dyeing method, minimize hair damage with no side effect. For people who are concern about white hair, it is effective in dyeing white hair. Not only that, It has one on one curated care consultation and scalp management service, It has become popular among young clients in their 20s and 30s along with mid-senior age cliental.
Especially, unlike other dyeing room, its special service, and scalp condition check to individual specialize consultation, dyeing hair, and hair care, allow you to manage all at the same time. It has been gaining popularity through word of mouth. Not only for people who are stressing over white hair, part of aging, but also for 20s and 30s who wants scalp care after dyeing hair, the Coloring Nature is popular. Why don’t you get both healthy scalp and hair texture through natural dyeing suggested by the Coloring Nature?

In addition, the Coloring Nature is willing to support the operation from the early stage to the operation and follow-up management. The naturalistic dyeing room Coloring Nature provides service from the commercial analysis to the target audience considering the population of the target audience, and the interior design according to the customer's movement and other various services. Even after opening, the Coloring Nature is actively supporting the stable operation of programs such as analyzing and organizing customer cases by programs, systematic supply from logistics teams, sales analysis, and management training.

On the other hand, the naturalistic dyeing brand, the Coloring Nature use hypoallergenic hair dye that does not contain ammonia, parabens, and others to lower the hair damage level. It has been optimized to protect scalp hair. Unlike other dyes that mix one or two chemicals that are harmful to the body, the only way to use it is to mix the powder with water. Since the every component is safe, even with the regular white hair dye, there is no side effect. Also, the other unique part is that you can create healthier recipe by mixing the tea that goes with each individuals’ type into the herb powder.

The naturalistic dyeing room, Coloring the Nature, is the franchise that caught attention of the dyeing industry while getting spot light as one man low budget business, woman start up and mom start up.

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Write: 2019-10-04 16:12:00 / Update: 2019-10-04 16:18:36

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