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What do we need for glamorous 30s and 40s; Golden age of life?

[by Lee Hye Jeong] The saying that used to say guy’s life starts from 30s is applied to everyone regardless of sex. As the average living expectancy got much longer, there has been a great change in 30s taste, required action, look and life style compare from previous 30s to today’s 30s.

If 30s were considered as old adults previously, nowadays, it is a golden generation who are in their golden age. 30s and 40s is when people find out their precise taste compare to when they were students through real life experiences and apply them to themselves. If then, what know-how do we need to spend more glamorous 30s and 40s.

In order to spend glamorous 30s and 40s, a strict self-management is a must. Since there’s healthy mind in healthy body, you have to be healthy in order to try anything; in order to have a glamorous life, taking care of one’s body is a must.

In order to live a healthy life, exercise and dietary management has to be taken care of together. Even if you don’t go to the gym or fitness center these days, there are many exercise programs that can be easily followed at home. It is good to exercise consistently more than 5 times a week and more than 30 minutes each time.

For good health, it's best to eat foods with balance such as food high in vitamins, fiber, minerals, and protein, rather than carbohydrates and fats. A typical food known to contain high protein is tofu and eggs. Also it is good to take on vitamin by constantly eating seasonal fruits.

Beauty is also an aspect that can't be missed like a healthy body. It is obvious that the aging proceeds as person gets older. You can enjoy the splendid life while keeping the young looking style by correcting the parts need to be supplemented and corrected while accepting the passage of time properly.

Especially, furrowed parts over the face cause by wrinkles are the most prominent sign of aging. If you are concern about deepening wrinkles and sagging facial elasticity on the mirror as the days gone, it is good to apply self-massage that can modify wrinkles a little bit while increasing the facial elasticity.

Especially, if you apply the cream, that can minimize the stimulus, on forehead and eyes, that could easily be wrinkled, this could be helpful to modify the wrinkles.

If you are proceeding a detailed aging care through health management and massage but still have irreversible deepened wrinkle, it is hard to modify them with simple home care. If you are one of those people who wants to see a complete anti-aging effect, considering forehead lift and other types of anti-aging surgery could be a solution.

Director, Kim Seong Sick (plastic surgeon) of JK Plastic Surgery in Korea, who is known for anti-aging surgery, gives advice “If you want to maintain lively life that keeps unchanging youth even when you are aged, it is good to put personal effort such as working out, modifying diet, detail skin care, and massage. If you want to effectively and quickly modify the trace of aging at the same time, I recommend anti-aging surgery such as forehead life (Endotine), that can modify overall facial wrinkle. I can assure it will be effective”.

Microscope facial wrinkle surgery so called endotine is a surgery that can modify forehead, middle of the forehead, eyebrows and eye sagging at the same time. It is a simple lifting method that pulls up sagging eyebrows and stretches the forehead wrinkles, making surgery with minimal incisions to achieve a semi-permanent lifting effect without worrying about scarring.

A Director, Bae Joonsung said “There are increasing number of patients who wants to keep liveliness even when they are getting old. There are many foreign patients who visit Korean hospitals with great plastic surgery technology. Anti-aging surgery requires knowing which parts of the face are most stressful, and then in-depth consultation with a specialist to complete the young looking style that is not unnatural”.

JK Plastic Surgery Center, located at Apgujeong, the heart of Korea Seoul, received the KAHF, Korea Accredited Hospital for the first time among Korean plastic surgery centers in 2017. It also got recertified in 2019. It has been reconfirmed by getting the certification from Korean government (Ministry of Health) in two consecutive years. It has one-stop health status checkup of patients to prioritize accurate analysis and diagnosis with its cutting edge medical video equipment and operation equipment. Also, to consider prevent emergency situation, it has Anesthesia specialist reside inside 24/7 and have CPR (emergency respond) team and emergency kit, UPS uninterruptible power supply that allows surgery during the black out, pain control, CRM, such as patient safety monitoring system to prioritize patients safety (Photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt DB)

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