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Who is the Korea’s representing lovely star?

[by Na Yeon Joo] Since there has been use of adjective ‘Vely’ to people with lovely vibe, there are lots of stars with lovely and cute image who has ‘Vely’ in their name. For example there are ‘Bovely’, Park Bo Young, ‘Yoomvely’, Jeong Yoo Mi, and ‘Gongvely’ Gong Hyo Jin. They are the three lovely stars who represent Korea who doesn’t make the title ‘Vely’ awkward.

‘Bovely’, Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young, who has been beloved with her cute image since her debut. She also got the title of ‘Korea’s first love’ with her petite height and cute look. Nowadays, she became Korea’s lovely star with the title ‘Bovely’. Park Bo Young, who is known for a great communication with her fans, have held ‘improvise fan meeting’ with fans at Haeundae to meet fans.

Park Bo Young, with friendly image, is also active as Goobne chicken model, she showed a TVCF that goes with her always bright, down to earth and communicative image. Not only she gives happy smile looking at the process of oven roasted chicken being cooked, but also when she whispers into the camera multiply the friendly image and activeness. Park Bo Young’s TVCF is on air in two different types ‘Goobne Original’ and ‘Goobne Galbi King’ and they are making audiences to drool.

‘Yoomvely’,  Jeong Yoo Mi

Jeong Yoo Mi is in her late 30’s born in 1983 who boast her young looking beauty. She was nominated a new hot star for romance genre with the comment of ‘it is just like real dating’ by going on tvN ‘I Need Romance’ and KBS2 ‘Discovery of Love’.

Jeong Yoo Mi, who released her daily life often through Instagram, has cute smile on every picture she is in and that’s the pointer. Her fresh smile that will multiply the lovely mood has a charm that makes everyone who looks at it happy regardless of their age and gender.

‘Gongvely’, Gong Hyo Jin

Actress Gong Hyo Jin is the one we think of when we heard of Romantic Comedy. She is also known as ‘Queen of Romantic Comedy’ because she shows realistic acting like she is dating that person no matter which actors she plays the role with. In KBS2 drama ‘When the Camellia Blooms’, planning to air in mid-September, she is going to show a refreshing genre so called ‘Daily life friendly Love affair drama’.

Also, she is going to show us the realistic dating and break-up acting with Kim Rae Won on the movie ‘Crazy Romance’ that is releasing this coming October. The two productions presented by her, who is meeting fans without break with new work, has high expectations from fans since they are both romance genre. No wonder she is the ‘Queen of Romantic Comedy’. (photo by KBS2 ‘When the Camellia Blooms’s official page, Movie ‘Crazy Romance’ trailer, Goobne Chicken TVCF scene capture, Gong Hyo Jin, Jeong Yoo Mi, Fidesspatium official Instagram.)

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