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Popping Fruitiness, Analyzing fresh stars’ charms

[by Na Yeon Joo] ‘Fruity’ stars who have the fresh charm that looks like juices are coming out of them. Their fruit like fresh smile and cute eyes are the characteristic. Who are the stars who are known as ‘Fruit-like’ stars?


When we talk about the fruity star, wouldn’t that be Sulli. She is so fruity that when IU was writing a song called ‘peach’ she thought of Sulli. Sulli, who has not only soft and white skin but also a lovely vibe, draw people’s attention by changing her hair pink when coming back as ‘Goblin’. She perfectly pull off the pink hair with her peach-like charm. She, who completed a makeup with pink blusher and lipstick on top of bright skin, showed off her pink beauty through Instagram Selfie.

Sulli once again became an issue by coming back with the black hair. Contrasting to the sparkling pink color, she appealed her youthful and cute charm with subtle black color. She also showed off her special friendship with IU by going to tvN ‘Hotel Del Luna’ as a special cast.

#Red Velvet Joy

Red Velvet is heating up the summer before the heat from ‘The ReVe Festival Day 1’ goes away with the new mini album ‘The ReVe Festival Day2 ‘. All the members are known for fruit-like looks but among them, especially Joy’s look stands out.

When she was on ‘Zimzalabim’, she showed off her fruity beauty by adding the colorful edge on fresh look with the blaze hair. She is also specialized in appealing fresh charm that looks like juices are coming out with bright color accessories such as hair pin and hair band.

#Tae Yeon

Already it has been 12 years since the Girl’s Generation debuted. Among them, Tae Yeon, who is known as a visual member, shows off her unbelievably beautiful look for 31 years old just like when she first debut. When you look at her selfies through the Instagram, you can feel that she has an attractive face that has both mature beauty and fruity beauty.

She, who is popular with her cute voice and great stories working as a radio DJ, have gone on various entertainment shows with down to earth look. She is one of the stars who are beloved by both men and women Tae Yeon, who is maintaining top music chart with popular drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’s OST, is planning to go on busking program, JTBC ’Begin Again 3’. It seems like she is going to firm her place as an artist with her overflowing charm and musical taste.

#Park Bo Yeong

Park Bo Yeong, who has a juicy look, is also known as a puppy-like celebrity. She also has a title of ‘Bovely’ with her lovely vibe; she also placed her name as ‘Korea’s First love’ with her cute look and short height, reminding everyone’s first love. Park Bo Yeong, who looks great with short hair, is one of the star makes you want to cut your hair short in order to follow her cute look. She, who just turned 30, still looked great in uniform on tvN drama ‘Abyss’.

Park Bo Yeong, with friendly image, is also active as Goobne chicken model, her image of looking into the camera and saying ‘Let’s eat a galbi’ with her cute voice at the ‘Goobne Galbi-King’ TVCF maximize her image. Not only she deliciously takes a bite of ‘GoobNe Gabi-King’, popular for its chicken-rice recipe, but also she shows lovely mukbang by eating it with rice. When you watch the TVCF ends with ‘Of course, Galbi has to be saute’, you can’t help yourself but drool. (Photo by Sulli, Tae Yeon, Joy, fidesspatium, tvN Drama official Instagram, tvN ‘Abyss’ official home page, GoobNe Chicken TVCF, bnt DB)

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‘The Great Show’ Lim Joo Hwan, “I become a squid next to Song Seung Heon, I can’t help myself” 190821

Write: 2019-08-29 15:45:08 / Update: 2019-08-29 16:01:24

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