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The start of the beauty care is home care! How do we choose good cosmetics?

[by Lee Hye Jeong] Everyone has a passion wanting to be prettier in their mind. There are endless methods to upgrade our looks, from inner beauty to skin care, from procedures to surgery.

Among all these methods for us to try, we can say that the beginning of beauty care is the home care. Because the time and money could be a burden to execute special care. What if you give thorough care in the morning and night by choosing a perfect product that is perfect for you? you can complete an effective beauty care without visiting an aesthetic or hospital. If then, what are the things we have to be cautious about?

First, if you are trying to choose a home care product that is for a legit beauty care not a mediocre cosmetics, why don’t you choose a makeup product that combined both science and technology? Especially, if you choose a product studied and developed by an experts in plastic surgery field, it could be an opportunity for you to feel a know-how of the beauty though cosmetics. 

It is important to consider ‘who’ and ‘how’ a cosmetics is made; however, it is also good to thoroughly check the components that are in the cosmetics. If the skin elasticity and anti-aging is the biggest concern, choose a product that as natural plant based extracts and bio-derived components.

Not only it moisturize the dry skin structurally by promoting the physiological activity in the deep skin; but also, its various nutrients and abundant vegetable supplements are going to smooth the damaged skin while protecting and caring them. Especially, if you choose an anti-aging specialized product that contains stem cell culture extracts and various active ingredients of peptides, it will help the skin recovery to create bright skin from dark and rough skin.

Also, you can see brightening and wrinkle prevention effect. Starting with bio booster serum, it is constitute of essence that is effective in sensitive skin treatment, elimination of swollen skin, and excellent bruise treatment; Also it is good to finish it with the revive cream that is effective in scar treatment and inflammation relief.

Ginseng is also known as an anti-aging component that is helpful to the skin. JK Plastic Surgery Center is release Dr. JK GINSENG Gold program that has plant stem cell callus, it provides strong moisturizing supplement effect and rich texture that provides nutrients to stiff and dry skin; it is a double functional product with great absorbing and adherence power, align with brightening and wrinkle improving effect. It is a skin care line that takes care of UV ray constitute with concentrated sap, highly concentrated essence, high nutrition serum, rich cream and sun cream.

You can’t also randomly choose mask pack that helps simple and convenient skin care. JK Plastic Surgery Center’s Renew Facial Treatment mask contains rich 25ml of Essence per mask. Its 10 different high end aesthetic components will provide total care for your skin problem. Not only it takes care of much more effective mask pack time by using the 100% pure cotton sheet with great absorbing power, But also, it is not hard on skin even if you use every day because it doesn’t contain 6 stimulating components.

On the other hand, JK Plastic Surgery Center, located in the heart of high end plastic surgery, procedure and technology, Seoul Apgujeong, is a ministry of Health certified foreign patients specialized medical institute that is known as a safe plastic surgery center that have passed all 80 criteria of patient safety procedures. There is an anesthesiologist in house at all time and it has CPR (emergency response team) in case of inevitable emergency situation. It also has emergency kit, auto pain control device and others to put the patient’s safety first. (Photo by JK plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt DB)

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