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What are the hot Korean dramas right now?

[by Na Yeon Joo] There is a great K-drama wave along with the K-wave. You have to watch drama to know the trend. The typical Korean drama cliché is over now. Because the unrealistic fantasy, which has not been easily challenged in Korea and on the contrary, dramas with realistic materials that anyone can relate to in everyday life have begun to flourish.

In addition, the chemistry among characters you can’t find it elsewhere. Dramas that are going to go well have been popular even before they aired; but, especially nowadays, stars that have been rarely seen in home theaters also appear in dramas, and actors, who’s backgrounds is models and singers, show excellent acting.

We recommend hot dramas in the first half of 2019. Since we chose all the new hot drama that are still hot in Korea, pay attention.


tvN Drama ‘Abyss’ that tells story through soul reviving marble ‘Abyss’. With its unprecedented unique topic, it has brought many excitements and concerns before airing. It is a fantasy story of the characters who are living a new life by ‘Abyss’; it shows authentic fantasy and romance genre with great story line. Another viewing point is the two main characters chemistry. Ahn Hyo Seop, who boast his good looks, is a want to be boyfriend star how is known as ‘boyfriend meme creator’. He also boast 187cm of tall height. Park Bo Young has petite 158cm of height. The two lovers on the shows height difference is almost 29cm; showing heartwarming chemistry.

On the other hand, since this is her returning show two years after JTBC ‘Strong Girl Bong Soon’, it is promoting fans attentions. Park Bo young is a star who is beloved by everyone, regardless of gender, with her cute and friendly image. She is also called as ‘Bovely’ with her lovely image. She, also active as Goobne chicken model, maximize her charm on the commercial. She made viewers drool with her lovely Mukbang. Especially, not only she showed her bright smile looking at well roasted chickens on the ‘Goobne Original’ episode; but also, she appeal her overwhelming unique ‘Bovely’ charm by expressing oven roasted chicken’s taste with her lively voice and various look by saying ‘This is why you roasted’.

#Search: WWW

tvN Drama ‘Search: WWW’ is a story of three women who works for a portal site. It portrays the story of three heroines, Lim Su Jeong, Lee Da Hee and Jeon Hae Jin’s work and love story. It brought issue with three different attractive women’s office look. Moreover, it is good to form bond among career women with its realistic story of office workers. The professional desire to achieve and win is strong, but in front of love, Bae Ta Mi is a fragile girl. If you are a single and career women, you can sympathize with her and could find many similar features with her.

You can’t also miss killer point portray by Jang Ji Yong, playing Park Morgan, and Lee Jae Wook, playing Seol Ji Hwan, who has love line with female heroines. Actor Jang Ji Yong, who has model background, have played main character on KBS2 ‘Confession couple’, MBC ‘Come and Hug me’, and OCN ‘Kill it’. There are many viewers who knows him as an actor. After building reputation and acting skill by going on various drama as a supporting role, he is now active as main character role. Lee Jae Wook is a newly debuted actor from previous year tvN ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ who show his existence. He became an issue by taking up a lead role on the following drama ‘Search: WWW’. The word on the streets said he made many ladies heart melt with his dog-like charm by showing love line with Lee Da Hee.

#Hotel Del Luna

tvN drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’ is a drama play by two popular actors who are known as Korean brother and sister. They are IU and Yeo Jin Goo. There has been moment when we looked at them cute because they debuted at young age; however, the time as passed and they grew as an adult lead actors. It has been a while they have been active as a lead actors; however, the combination of these two made uncle fans and sister fans to root for them together. Especially, it is a hard genre drama with unpredictable features of fantasy, horror and romance.

‘Hotel Del Luna’, which has been on air with popularity from the first air since July 13th, have been cooling down the hot summer night. It is because the story line goes around ‘Hotel Del Luna’, where only ghosts can stay, and their boss Jang Man Wol who is an owner of the place. Since you can meet different ghosts on each episodes, it is a drama that will cool down the summer night. It also have been getting compliments with great acting and directing. It is a drama you cannot miss. (Photo by tvN ‘Abyss’, ‘Search: WWW’, ‘Hotel Del Luna’ official Webpage)

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'Welcome 2 Life' Jung Ji-hoon, “This drama is a challenge and training ... supported by Kim Tae Hee 190805

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