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When Lee Dog Wook meets OCN... playing ‘Hell is Other People’ Dentist Seo Moon Joe role

[by Ent team] Actor Lee Dong Wook’s, starring OCN weekend drama Hell Is Other People, still cut has been released for the first time. He perfectly changed himself into dentist ‘Seo Moon Joe’ character. It already brings high expectation on Lee Dong Wook’s new change, who is going after his first OCN genre production.

Hell Is Other People, first airing on August 31st, is a mystery of a guy, who just moved to Seoul, experiencing hell created by other people while living in unfamiliar Goshiwon. It is a second work of Dramatic Cinema that combined movie and drama’s format. While it is smelling like a well-made genre based on keen movie directing and drama’s highly concentrated story telling created by movie directing team, Lee Dong-wook’s first released still cut release brought public attentions to the production.

Lee Dong Wook took a role of dentist Seo Moon Joe who is running a dental office nearby the show’s main stage, Eden Goshiwon. The character is constitute of colorful look, attractive talk and artistic emotions. On the still cut released on the 26th, we could see Moon Joe treating patient seriously in the dental office. His semi-wavy hair style and thin rimmed glasses placed at the end of the nose creates intellectual vibe. Moreover, from his warm looks of looking into young patents makes people wonder “What a great doctor. Where is this hospital?”.

Meanwhile, ‘Hell Is Others’ is Lee Dong Wook’s first OCN genre production. It has brought lots of attention since its casting stage. It is anticipated that what kind of synergy will Lee Dong Wook, who boasts a delicate and immersive performance in playing any character, show when he meets genre production. Especially, since Seo Moon Joe played by him didn’t show in original Webtoon, the audience’s curiosity is off the chart.

On the other hand, ‘Hell Is Others’ is based on popular Webtoon with same title with 800 million views. Director Lee Chang Hee, who won the best production award with movie ‘A Hide Out’ in 10th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival, who received positive review and reaction from movie ‘The Vanished’ that released last year, is directing the production. Also, author Jeong Uh Do, who recreated Webtoon into suspenseful drama through OCN ‘Save Me’, will be charge of writing.

It is a follow up work after ‘Watcher’ and will be on air for the first time on August 31st, 10:30 PM. (Photo by OCN)

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Write: 2019-08-08 11:02:34 / Update: 2019-08-08 12:09:50

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