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Wannabe star, IU★Yoona, is this the completion of beauty?

The conditions for making beautiful look vary. The features of bright eyes, a prominent nose and full lips are also important, but the thick, luxuriant hair is considered one of the conditions for beauty. Hair and scalp, which are hurt by various external stimuli and harmful environment, have also been established themselves as essential care items.

In addition to basic care, chubby and abundant hair are also the factors that enhance your beauty. Yoona and IU, who are considered ‘Women’s Wannabe’ stars, are the leading stars in the entertainment industry, who debuted at an early age and is still loved by the public. What is the secret to maintain a lovely visual with chubby hair?

>> How to care milky skin?

How do they, who have bright skin as if turning on a fluorescent light, maintain their milky skin? In particular, IU, who has been reborn with white-green skin from her dark skin tone at the beginning of her debut, said she likes to use mask packs. She also revealed her won know-how that she can increase the absorption rate by rubbing her palm creating warmth after applying water cream to the skin.

Yoona, who debuted as a girl group Girls’ Generation and has been active in many fields, maintaining her consistent beauty. Yoona, who has dry skin type, once said she cares about moisture, said she applies a lot of moisturizing cream and practices one pack a day. She also said that she does makeup as natural as possible, but takes care the expression of smooth skin texture.

>> Healthy hair

She often changes her hair colors due to the nature of her job as an entertainer, but scalp and hair care is essential to keep her hair consistent. Yoona also changed her hair style by cutting her hair short to protect her hair, but for her waving hair, it is another way to manage her scalp with the scalp care product. In particular, people in their 20s and 30s are suffered from scalp problems due to stress loss, and they cannot neglect hair loss care.

Hasol anti-Hair loss scalp shampoo is a hair loss shampoo that protects damaged scalp and hair from harmful external environment by intensively supplying moisture and nutrition, that helps relieving the hair loss by using the main components in which oriental herbal ingredients and western herbs are mixed. It creates the healthy environment by helping soothing and purification, and helps prevent hair loss and manage hair loss when the symptom of hair loss appears.

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