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The completion of Hot summer concept is? Lips!

[by Lee Hye Jeong] Summer is the season of festival and season of vacation. For the summer, a season with constant sun light and hot heat wave, you need to have a hot concept that can defeat the heat.

During summer, there are lines of people who are going on vacation to avoid the heat. Nowadays, there are many people going on summer vacation to avoid the heat. In order to complete an outstanding summer concept when you are on the vacation, you need the lips. I would like to introduce the way to complete an attractive lips.

If you want to complete a trendy, sexy and hot image, the important aspect is the lips. Not only ordinary people, but also many celebrities puts lots of effort on lips in order to complete a sexy image.

First, if you want to emphasize the lips, use the product with plumping function. Plump products that are commonly available on the market give a stimulus to the lips to give a temporary volume by swelling lightly. And it tighten wrinkle on lip to complete a lip line with more volume. 

You can complete a hot concept by simply applying a lipstick with intense color on top of lip with plump effect. In order to complete a strong image that goes with summer, pick red to be more effective.

If you have been applying lip product by giving the gradation affect, why don’t you give a Full-Lip effect that fills up the entire lip line with the product to create sexy image. You can create sexy and trendy image by simply applying the lipstick to the lips with no empty spots.  

There is a way to use a plump product or makeup skill to complete a trendy and hot image, but the more important factor is the lip with proper volume. If people who are with the thin lips, do the full lip makeup that emphasize the lips, it may stand the negative aspect. If you have a complex in the lips itself, it's a good idea to consider a filler procedure that will fill the volume of your lips.

JK Plastic Surgery’s, located in the heart of Korea, Gangnam, director Yoo Yeong Moon (Plastic Surgeon) said “If you are worried about your limited image from the thin lips, it is good to try out different way to look different by putting different makeup. But, if you still have places you can’t cover with makeup, it is good to find the solution through surgery based on detailed consultation with the specialists”.

The filler helps to improve natural fine wrinkles and facial volume recovery through strengthening hyaluronic acid in the skin. It is also used for forehead, nose, ball or wrinkles, small jaws, etc. The cases when the filler is injected into the lips are following: when the size of the upper lip and the lower lip are different, when the lip is thin and gives a cold feeling, when lip line is undefined.

Director Yoo Yeong Moon said, "The filler on the lips gives the lips a more voluminous appearance and can improve lip’s fine wrinkle. Thus, it has high preference in the sense of effectiveness. If you are concern about the thin and wrinkled lips, it is good to undergo procedure after consultation to change the image.”

JK Plastic Surgery Center, located in the heart of Korea, Seoul Apgujeong, has one-stop health status checkup of patients to prioritize accurate analysis and diagnosis with its cutting edge medical video equipment and operation equipment. Also not only it has Anesthesia specialist reside inside 24/7, but also it is the only hospital to acquired KAHF, certification from the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare on medical institute that host foreign patients, Which increase their reliability. (Photo by: JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt News DB)

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