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Catching up with Korean wave in Hong Kong

[by Na Yeon Joo] The Korean wave is sweeping over the Korea’s near neighbor, Hong Kong. From K-POP to K-FOOD, its popularity is great. The place we can feel its popularity is Hong Kong Asia World Expo. It became a global venue that represents Hong Kong by hosting various exhibitions, concerts and other events. There will be more people who are planning to visit Hong Kong this summer since there will be variety of concerts with many K-POP idols. If you are planning to visit Hong Kong to enjoy the K-POP concert, I am going to introduce you courses that you can’t miss.

▶ Sacred site of K-POP, Hong Kong Asia World Expo

There will be a variety of K-POP concerts to hit the globe at Asia World Expo this summer. Since this is the perfect opportunity for you to see your favorite K-POP singer If you are a K-pop fan, let’s take a look at this.

- July 6: ‘SBS Super Concert in Hong Kong’ will take place with many K-POP idols. Huge line up with Tae Yeon, Exo, Winner, Mammamoo, Seventeen, AB6IX is drawing many K-POP fans attention.

- July 13: Mnet ‘Produce 48’, which have created issue every season with its concept of the audience produce the idol directly. The debut group from the program, IZ*ONE, will perform their first concert in Hong Kong on July 13th. Since It is a group that can only work for a short contract period of 2 and a half years due to the nature of the program, you don’t know when you can see the concert again if you miss this one.

- July 20: K-POP leader TVXQ will return. Follow by the explosive response of local fans at the encore concert in Bangkok, Thailand on June 29th, the concert tour will continue in Hong Kong. In this concert, they are performing their major hit songs such as ‘Rising Sun’ and ‘MIROTIC’.

In addition, the NU’EST concert will be held on July 27th, the Girlfriend on August 3rd, and the EXO concert on August 10th and 11th.

▶ The heart of K-FOOD is ‘Chi-mac’ (Chicken and Beer)

K-FOOD is in the center of the Korean Wave. Among them, we believe that the trendy foodie spot with Korean taste and unique charm is Goobne Chicken. Since Goobne chicken started the oven roasted chicken trend in Korea, they are extremely popular in Hong Kong as well. It is located in downtown area such as Mongkok, Causeway Bay, Central and Jungbuo and Tsim Sha Tsui shops. We highly recommend you to visit them when you visit Hong Kong. It has become the well-known K-FOOD with its unique taste of oven roasted chicken top with special sauce with umami.

Its specialty menu of ‘Honey mellow chicken’ and ‘Honey Curry Crisp Chicken’ became the best seller with it sweet and sour taste. The whole grain mustard that fills up your mouth provides different culinary experience. It is getting attention in both Korea and Hong Kong. ‘Chili Crisp Chicken’ provides feel-good texture that you cannot find it elsewhere with its crispy exterior and moist inside. Its charming point is spicy Cheongyang red pepper and oven roasted chicken’s collaboration.

Moreover, if you want to really enjoy the K-Food, I recommend you to eat chicken with beer. You can’t forget that the ‘Chi-mac’ is the essence of K-FOOD. (Photo by Asia World Expo, Goobne chicken official homepage)

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