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Finding ‘the surprising’ factor of Hong Kong’s day and night

[by Na Yeon Joo] Hong Kong is always crowded with tourists everywhere you go because of it has lots of tourist destinations. Among Koreans, it is considering as a great destination to visit without worry about any burden. The charm of Hong Kong tour is that you can enjoy completely different both day and night.

During the day, it is good to enjoy the on-foot tour looking at Hong Kong’s unique scenery or taking picture at the land mark. During the night, it is good to watch over crowded night market or look at the night view. Because you can enjoy completely different vibe between day and night, day being calm and night being crowded, Hong Kong is the perfect destination to satisfy people with all traveling taste.

Victoria park is located at the highest point of the Hong Kong island. It is a tourist spot that you can look over the colorful high rises and Victoria harbor’s scenery; It is always crowded during day or night. It is a healing destination that cleans your heart by looking at the green nature at the far reach while looking at the widely displayed high rises.

Mid-Level Escalator has become popular for being a location for movie ‘Chungking Express’. It is known as the longest outdoor escalator in the world with its 800m length. You can enjoy Hong Kong’s unique and exotic scenery that pass by like a panorama when you go up on the escalator for 30 minutes.

If you want to stroll while feeling the Hong Kong’s atmosphere itself, we recommend SoHo. It is a place with lots of things to look such as old Hong Kong alley, small store that makes up the alley and exotic restaurants. Don’t forget to take Pictures of murals that fill up the each corner of the alley.

The highlight of the Hong Kong’s night scenery is the Symphony Of Light. Don’t miss out on this since you can look over the completely different night scenery compare to the one you saw during day time at the Victoria Park. It displays the fantastic laser show with more than 40 buildings, located both side of Victoria harbor, show their lights.

When you walk down the Tsim Sha Tsui, you can find Goobne Chicken. Goobne chicken, which created roasting chicken trend in Korea, has high popularity in Hong Kong because it is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, a ‘night scenery spot to go’ that is filled with not only Hong Kong locals but also with tourists.

The end of the tiring traveling is of course true Chicken and Beer. ‘Honey Mellow’ chicken is not only selected as one of the best seller in Korea, but also in Hong Kong stores, it is selected as the best menu. You can enjoy the same taste you’ve enjoyed in Korea in Hong Kong as well. ‘Honey Mellow’, which boasts its sweet and sour taste with its specialized honey mustard sauce, goes great with beer when you pair its sweet and saltiness with the beer. If you are visiting Hong Kong, I recommend you to release your tiredness from tiring day by enjoying chicken and beer at Goobne Chicken. (Picture credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board official homepage, Goobne Chicken)

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