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Side is as important as front! What does it take to create the perfect side face?

[by Lee Hye Jeong] lots of people prioritize managing frontal face to be pretty and beautiful; however, the side face is also as important as front. There are people who look completely different when they turn their head just a little bit, it happens because some parts are lacking balance from the side compare to front.

Among the Korean celebrities, who are at the heart of K-wave, there are people who are known as side handsome or side beauty. Stars who show off their prefect balance that they could be their confidence from any side. What are the efforts we could put in order to look confident from the side just like front?

In order to have pretty side just like front, it is good to focus on smoothing the side face line. In the case of face looking from the front, we can maximize the upside while covering the flaws by using makeup and other methods; however, it is hard to apply those methods toward the side face.

The most important part in side face is the line that goes from forehead, nose and chin. When the line goes perfectly in balance, we can create a balanced beautiful side look.

If you want to manage a more neat and clean side line, it is good to give constant self-massage from home. There are many cases when the overall facial elasticity goes down, the line that forms side line breaks down. This cause creating a dull line that harms the side line beauty.

Especially, focus on the jaw line that could go down really quick when you either gain weight or skin gets saggy. Not only you need to help the blood circulation by giving constant stretching, but also it is very effective when you personally give massage the jaw line to prevent it from sagging.

There are a lot case where people is concerned because they can’t figure out a special solution after trying out different method to make a perfect side face line. Especially, if the nose, which locates in the middle of the side face, is genetically a hooked nose, big nose or low and thick nose, it is hard to change it on our own. Therefore, if you are stressing over nose shape or shape of side face, surgery could be the solution.

JK Plastic Surgery’s director You Young Moon Plastic Surgeon) said “Since the nose is in the middle of one’s face, it affects a lot on overall image. If you are stressing over hooked nose or other undesirable nose shape, it could be an answer for you talk to the specialist”

Nose surgery’s method and type of prosthesis could vary by the shape of nose or size. Thus, it is important to visit the hospital that is known for performing great nose surgery and it is necessary to have one on one consultation with the specialist. Among many nose shapes, hooked nose is a nose that has middle part of the nose sticking out. in this case, we remove the nose bone or prominent cartilage and when it is necessary, we raise the tip of the nose to create a smooth, natural nose.

Director Yoo Young Moon advise “Nose surgery will take place depends on each individuals problem. It is important to fix their nose considering each individuals facial shape instead of unconditionally giving the sharp nose”

JK Plastic Surgery Center, located in the heart of Korea, Seoul Apgujeong, has one-stop health status checkup of patients to prioritize accurate analysis and diagnosis with its cutting edge medical video equipment and operation equipment. Also, to consider prevent emergency situation, it has Anesthesia specialist reside inside 24/7 and have CPR (emergency respond) team and emergency kit, UPS uninterruptible power supply that allows surgery during the black out, pain control, CRM, such as patient safety monitoring system to prioritize patients safety. (Photo by JK Plastic Surgery clinic, bnt News DB)

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Write: 2019-06-24 12:00:04 / Update: 2019-06-24 18:11:08

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