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Three colored charming point seeing through Park Bo Young - Sun Mi - Kim Ji Won’s fashion

[by Na Yeon Joo] Styling becomes a burden during the constantly changing weather that goes between spring and summer. If you are concern about awkward weather, awkward to wear thin short sleeves nor outer, let’s pay attention to this. Because we have looked through charming points of three stars’ fashion who are busy showing off their beauty.

From Park Bo Young, known as the lovey star, Sun Mi, who is popular among everyone with her girl-crush charm, to Kim JI Won, who draw attention from going on to the recent tvN drama ‘Arthdal chronicles’ with her stunning beauty; Let’s get styling tips from these three stars’ colorful fashion.

>>Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young is known for being lovely; she even created a nickname ‘Bovely’. She made many ladies jealous with her unchanging young looking beauty and loveliness by coming back to the TV screen through tvN Drama ‘Abyss’ after two years.

Park Bo Young, who is active as a Goobne Chicken’s commercial model, draw people’s attention with her lovely smile and overflowing cute voice on TVCF. Not only she gave us the happy smile looking at the oven roasted chicken that just came out of oven, but also she showed the lovely chicken Mukbang. When she said “this is why you roasted” while eating the golden brown roasted chicken with her signature lively expression, it was enough to stimulate viewers taste bud. She turns any clothes and any place into lovely vibe. No wonder we call her ‘Bovely’.

>> Sun Mi

Sun Mi, who we thought she only has thin pretty body line and face, overturned her image through glamorous come back with ‘Gashina’ two years ago. Not only, she took men’s heart with sexy and powerful performance, but also she took women’s heart. She showed us the classic example of girl crush that made both male and female excited with her Unni charisma. 

Once again, she draws people’s attention by attending the recent fashion brand event photo wall with neon color mini dress. The spiky fashion is perfect for Sun Mi’s provocative style. She increased the girl-crush charm one step further with shiny neon color and unique python pattern dress. On top of that, her detailing of thick colored full rip makeup, bold necklace and belt is the point.

>> Kim Ji Won

tvN drama Arthdal Chronicle draw lot of attention with its unique concept. Its production presentation took place under many people’s expectation with the title of ‘unprecedented casting’ because of colorful casting members.

Kim Ji won, who is playing Tan Ya, draw people’s attention by creating a clean and sophisticated style by wearing pinafore dress on top of white shirt. She increased the style index by wearing see-through shirt on top of black & white fashion, which might look a little dull. The ruffle details from end of the sleeve and fleece detail dress not only gives point to the overall look but also it emphasizes the youthful beauty. (Photo by bnt news DB, Goobne Chicken TVCF capture)

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