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May, the season of wedding. What are the wedding look that celebrities refer to?

[By Oh Eun Sun] it is not an exaggeration to call the May as a season of wedding. Since it is a season with blossoming flowers with warm weather, there are many glamourous weddings that announce the new beginning.

But as the number of wedding invites goes up, the wedding look for invitees, who are going to bride and grooms new beginning, become concerns. If you are a person who wants to keep TPO while showing off your fashion style, you can’t easily pick the wedding look.

If you are worry about the what clothes you have to wear at the wedding that is imminent, why don’t you refer to Soo Young, Kim Go Eun and Kim Saron’s trendy and calm look. Not only you don’t take away the attention from the bride, but also you can complete the charming look that stands out among all the participants. 

Girl’s Generation’s Soo Young, who announced her new change by going on the movie ‘Girl Cops’. Soo Young showed the all black look that is chic while clean at the recently held press conference of ‘Girl Cops’. She made us shout out “She is definitely a fashion star”.

Soo Young, who showed off the new season we are in with the black short sleeve detail along with the boots cut pants that shows off her leg line, matched the gold round shape belt at her waist to boast her perfect body line.

EDITOR’S PICK if you think that her all black look is too dark for the wedding look, let’s utilize different color. If you use navy, you can create both sophisticated and clean vibe. Also, the bright pink can create shiny spring vibe. You can choose depends on your preference. 

Actress Kim Go Eun showed her elegant tweed look at the recently held fashion brand event. It caught the audience’s eyes with her elegant face.

Especially, her skin tone color created once more a feminine vibe. On top of that, she gave pointer with her watch and finished off the look with the same tone color shoe to her clothes. Kim Go Eun’s look is not only a good style for wedding, but also good for any elegant locations.

EDITOR’S PICK if you think that the skin color is a little too much, utilize a similar color in the same group. The pink tone is not only good to create a shininess of spring but also, it creates your skin tone one step brighter. If you don’t look great with pink, you can choose, coral and peach color.

Lee Ha Na showed her self at the production presentation of OCN new weekend drama ‘Voice 3’ She is of the actress who has great foundation built from her wide spectrum from her previous roles.

Her production presentation look was black. Black dress, that emphasize the elegance while fitted to the body, maximized her mature charm; however, there are a lot of people who is hesitant to try this type of dress. Because not just because of body shape but because of the dress’s style itself. In this case, why don’t we choose different black dress with some what difference vibe.

EDITOR’S PICK if you want to show off a very dressy mood, the black dress is way to go. If you want to create more unique look, it is good to choose a clothes with ribbon strap. Also, if you layered with see-through blouse, you can create much more special look. If you want to create a glamorous and an elegant look, take this advice. (photo by: Stylenanda, Bnt News DB)

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