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Skincare secret from Korea’s beloved young looking actresses

[By Kim Hyo Jean] In the past, colorful and thick color makeup was a trend. However, the standards of beauty change through time, nowadays natural makeup that looks like you didn’t put makeup is in trend. Especially, instead of pointy chin and sharp nose, now women wants to have round eyes and enough cheeks that will make them young.

This is why there are a lot of attention toward actress like Jang Na Ra, Lim Soo Jung and Park Bo Young are high. Since their look never change after years, there is a saying that they are eating preservatives. What is the secret that keeps them look so young it is hard to guess their age?

Jang Na Ra

Jang Na Ra, who took all the love from man by playing cute and sporty character in the youth sitcom. She received lots of love not only in Korea but also in China. In the recently ended SBS drama ‘The Last Empress’, she perfectly executed Oh Sunny through perfect acting.

Not only her acting but once again, are Jang Na Ra’s young looks in the spotlight. For more than 18 years, she is keeping the constant look. In previous entertainment show, Jang Na Ra shared her secret of young look. It is a self-massage. She said when she washes her face every day, she uses her fist to massage her face from chin to eyes by sweeping the skin upward. Also, she shared that her secret is keeping her weight down since when person gains weight, they lose the skin elasticity.

Lim Soo Jung

KBS drama “I’m sorry, I love you’ is still a hot topic. We can still picture Lim Soo Jung wearing knit dress and cute Ugg boots following around So Ji Sub. But the truth is, that Lim Soo Jung is an actress who is older than 40.

Still age is just a number. Lim Soo Jung still shows off her young looks and elastic skin. She said she always drinks more than 2L of water. We think that this is the secret of her elastic skin. Especially, she keeps her organic vegetarian diet constitute of grains, bean paste soup, braised cabbage, sauté burdock and carrot. By detoxing the food inside of the body, she is sending harmful gases out of her body. In reality, Lim Soo Jung said that she gained brighten skin and weight loss by doing detox diet.

Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young is growing as romantic comedy queen by showing bright acting in tvN drama ‘Oh My Ghost’, and JTBC drama ‘Strong Girl Bong-Soon’. Recently, she announce that she is coming back to the screen by releasing the shooting scene of tvN drama ‘Abyss’.

Moreover, Park Bo Young was appointed as an ambassador of GoobNe Chicken, N0.1 Korean oven roasted chicken. She showed her Mukbang that makes us drool. Park Bo Young also show off her star-ability with her signature bright charm and young face in the TV commercial. Park Bo Young also shared that her secret of great skin is dermatology. She could keep her great skin because of her constant caring. (Photo by Goobne Chicken Bnt News DB)

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