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Chic styling with one point

(by Oh Eun sun) One of the most critical points in fashion is “how much”. If a fashion has too many points, people may feel that that is ‘too much’. In addition, if ‘too much’ fashion is added with excessive makeup, people would feel that they do not like that.

Contrary to that, the fashion having no point may make you feel that something is non-existing. There are many elements which can make a point such as broach, accessory, inner of beautiful design, and skirt design. How about you trying a beautiful styling with one point which is proper for your tone and taste?

Let’s take a look at the celebrities who boasted of their attractiveness with the fashion points. Park Na-rae showed off her vitality with the bright colored checkered design. Kyungri made a point with shirring design while Jun Hyo-seong made a point with violet lace inner.

Refreshing feel with checkered pattern

If you want to enjoy the warm spring time, why don’t you take advantage of the refreshing color for your fashion. Comedian Park Na-rae showed off one-piece look using the distinctive colors. The bright mint color was well matched with her own vital attractiveness to get the synergistic effect.

Then, she made a fashion point with hair pin of the same tone. In addition, by using the makeup using the color pink, she played the bright image. The heel of pastel color was well harmonized with the one-piece.

Editor’s pick It would be good to choose the long sleeve shirts one-piece in the weather in which there is a big difference in temperature between night and day like these days. If you take advantage of the refreshing color like Park Na-rae did, you can get the spring mood. Like Park Na-rae, it would be good to match it with shoes. But if you want more comfortable fashion, take advantage of slip-on or sneakers.

Feminine look with shirring

Kyungri showed off the white fashion at the recent brand event. She put on the blouse with point design on the shoulder and the white shirring skirt to complete the white shoes containing the red points. Especially, as the fashion is well harmonized with her white skin, it makes her look like she descends from sky as an angel.

The shirring design makes the wearer look more feminine. As it is not too colorful, it can be matched with general T-shirts and is favored by many people.

Editor’s pick How about showing off the shirring skirt fashion of the uniform color like Kyungri? If you feel uncomfortable with one color, why don’t you match the top of the color which is well harmonized with your skin tone with the white skirt? If you are worried about your not-so-slender leg, you may select the black skirts.

Unique look with lace inner

Even a little simple T-shirts may make a unique fashion when it is matched with the unique inner. Jun Hyo-seong has visited Fashion Week lately. She has matched the feminine lace inner and T-shirts with dotted long skirt to complete the unique fashion.

In addition, she also made use of pink which is proper for the violet lace inner for her makeup. Especially, her lovely pink cheek and lip doubled her lovely attractiveness.

Editor’s pick How about make the lovely girlfriend look by taking advantage of flower lace patterned inner? If you use a little short crop knit, you can make your own unique mood. If you are uncomfortable with crop knit, the T-shirts, or off-shoulder knit would be good.

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