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Hair sampler for the bobbed-hair styling

(by Kim Hyo jin) In the new year, there are more people who are concerned with their new stylings. Some people dream of the successful weight loss and get the slim body while others try to get the hot items which start to get popular in 2019. However, the thing which can make complete change of the mood in a short period of time would be the hair style. Especially, any woman would like to try to wear the bobbed-hair. Some people may not be sure whether she cut her hair in a bobbed hair style or not and waste time while looking herself in the mirror. There are some celebrities who showed off their refreshing attractiveness with the bobbed-hair and induced people to cut the hair short. Let’s take a look at the celebrities who induced us to run to the beauty parlor.

Park Bo-young

Park Bo-young is an actress who is valuable enough to be called the title “Ppovely”. With the small body and refreshing acting, she has the attractiveness which make people addicted to her. She often shows her bobbed-hair look. In the award ceremony, she showed her new look with the clearly cut short hair style and no front hair to impress the people with her new look. She surprised her fans by showing the beauty of maturity which she had not shown.

In addition, recently, Park Bo-young was designated by a model for Goobne Chicken. In the advertisement, she appeared with her clean bobbed-hair and acted her unique loveliness. Especially, in the episode of Galbicheongwang, she showed the eating look which make audience get the appetite. The bobbed-hair with no front hair is the har style which can be mostly recommended to those who have hard time in the sensitive hair styling.

Park Shin-hye

Park Shin-hye came back with bobbed-hair in 8 years. By boasting off her refreshing attractiveness which would be proper for the new school year, she has made a lot of women around the nation get interested in the bobbed-hair. Though she had been pretty, she showed another look with perfectly different feel and got commended as a very bold and good try.

The bobbed-hair look of Park Shin-hye this time is characterized by the bobbed hair with the lowered front hair, thus making her look younger. This bobbed hair naturally reaches to the shoulder line even though the perm is not tried. The rolled-up hair may be the hot hair styling these days. This style is the perfect one for the freshmen who are too busy to do the makeup or those who are not accustomed to the bobbed-hair.

Ahn So-hee

Ahn So-hee is expected to come back through the JTBC drama “Welcome to Waikiki 2”. Fans are curious about how she would appear in the drama “Welcome to Waikiki 2” which has a little comic aspect. Prior to the start of the drama, she cut her long hair which has been her trademark by half.

Though it looks a little long, it is just the bobbed-hair style which is recommendable to the beginners of bobbed hair. It is because if you feel uncomfortable with short cut hair, you can bind it and that gives you even new feel. Though it may look like that the hair is cut too short, try to add her own lovely and stylish fee to make her get new feel. If you try to challenge new half cut hair like Ahn So-hee, it would be a good way for you to gradually cut the hair more. (photo by : Goobne Chicken, Park Shin-hye, Ahn So-hee’s Instagram, bnt news DB)

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Write: 2019-04-01 16:26:42 / Update: 2019-04-05 10:18:51

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