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Lee Na-young, Song Hye-gyo and Choi Ji-woo, what are their secrets of keeping beautiful even after their marriage?

 (by Lee Hye-jung) Every movement of the celebrities gets attention from the public. The marriage of the celebrities is no exception. Everything about them attracts the attention of the public even they got married, including how beautifully they got married.

Recently the stars who have been praised as the lover for the public got married in Korea, thus making a lot of male fans got hurt of their mind. They continue to have their beauty even after marriage and giving birth. Lee Na-young, Song Hye-gyo and Choi Ji-woo are the representative married female stars. What is their secret of keeping the beautiful looks?

Lee Na-young, Song Hye-gyo and Choi Ji-woo got good events called as the marriage. Further, Lee Na-young gave birth to a son and a daughter in her marriage with her husband or Top Start Won Bin

One of their common things is the clean and clear skin. Their clear and bright skin having no blemish or wrinkle plays a big role of making them look younger for their age. To get the perfect skin like the stars, you had better use the meticulous home care.

Home care is not a big deal. You many not cleanse the makeup residue or waste accumulated on your face during a day in the evening on the ground that they are troublesome. Why don’t you try to meticulously cleanse your skin from now on? That is just the start of home care.

As we get old, we have more traces of aging day by day. That can be made up for to some extent by continually using the anti-aging products. As the use of these products is more useful prior to the creation of wrinkle than after the wrinkle, it would be better for you to use these products earlier for management of the wrinkle.

But if you are worried about the increasing visible fine wrinkles or pores, or if you want to conduct more effective anti-aging control than the simple home care, the non-operative anti-aging treatment would be a good way.

Dr. Bae Jun-sung in JK Plastic Surgery of Korea (doctor in plastic surgery) advises “If you are on the progressed aging stage or need more managed look, the non-operative methods such as filler or Botox would be a good option.”

Botox has the anti-aging effect as it is put into the muscle below the skin to limit the movement and improve the face wrinkle such as between eyebrows and on forehead. The filler is effective in the improvement of the natural fine wrinkles and the recovery of the face volume through the strengthening of the hyaluronic acid in the skin.
Dr. Bae Jun-sung further says “For those who want to be beautiful or get younger but have no time, the non-operative anti-aging method such as filler or Botox get more popular. Though it is non-operative, it would be critical to get the in-depth consulting and determine the proper treatment method and degree.”

JK Plastic Surgery was awarded in 2017 by Prime Minister for its attraction of a lot of foreigner patients as best 2017 Medical Korea Foreigner Patient Attraction Institute. Located in Gangnam, Seoul, JK Plastic Surgery has the specialist doctor in the field of anesthesiology and pain medicine and has the operating room which meets the requirements of US FED Standard 209D. In addition, in preparation for the emergency, it has the CPR (emergency rescue) team and keeps the emergency kid as well as UPS (uninterruptible power supply), automatic pains controlling device, CRM monitoring system, thus putting the safety of patient first.

(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)

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