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ITZY is the ‘number one ITZY’

[by Kim Young Jai / Photo by Kim Chi Yoon] The showcase of IT’z Different, a first digital single by girl group ITZY, have launched.

ITZY is the new girl group that JYP Entertainment, who is known for its Wonder Girls, Miss A and Twice, is introducing first time in 4 years. During the showcase, ITZY emphasize on its relationship to group’s forerunner groups by covering their songs: Wondergirl’s ‘Irony’, Miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl and Twice’s OOH-AHH.

Ryujin said “We have received lots of love before our debut. We will do our best to answer to that love. Since we are a group from Girl group’s mecca, JYP Entertainment, it would be a lie that if we don’t feel pressured. We will do our best to honor the legacy.”

Ryujin have drawn lots of attention before debut by ranking on number one trainee at JTBC Mix Nine’. She gave us strong first impression with her charisma behind her sweet beauty.

Their debut song ‘DALLA DALLA’ is a fusion groove song that contains many different genre’s advantages. It is a song about self-love for us who stands in the middle of the world.

Group’s concept is girl-crush. Yeji said “On top of our 5 different colors of characters, we have teenage like Teen-crush image. We have an aura that you just cannot find from other group.” When you look at ITZY, from their first intro video to various teaser image and DALLA DALLA music video, it reminds a lot of previous girl group 4Minute, and Black Pink.

Yeji said “If those two groups have been doing their own attractive and unique music, ITZY would like to make our own music genre under name Teen-Crush”. Also she said “we would like to be a group that can show its own color to its fans.”

ITZY has lots of titles such as ‘JYP dream team’, ‘Twice’s sister’, ‘the eye of Typhoon of 2019’. What other title ITZY wants to hear?

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Write: 2019-03-08 13:21:57 / Update: 2019-03-28 14:22:27

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