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Red lip makeup calling for kiss like Suji, Mina and Yoona

(by Lee Hye-jung) Though there are more men who do makeups, the makeup is still the thing for women. A person can not only cover her disadvantages but also can make her advantages more visible depending the makeup, clothes or season.

In the cold season, it is important to do the color makeup which makes the skin not dried but moisturized and gives the points to the lip. If the eye makeup is simply done and the point is given on the lip, the makeup can be made which makes you look warmer and more beautiful.

Among many colors, the red color is steadily popular and reminiscent of Christmas It is just the right color for winter season. If you want to get away with the coldness in cold winter and then complete the attractive makeup, why don’t you select the red?

If you want to complete the perfect red lip makeup, you have to prepare other parts of the face before putting the points on the lips to get the attentions.

It is good to give the full moisture to the skin so that the base skin is not dried but the makeup does not get swollen later whether you make the matte full lip make or make it with gradation. As the color red is more visible than pink, coral or beige, it would be better to make the strong skin base for it.

Use the skin care products filled with moisture for the skin base and naturally cover the defect in the skin with the moisture foundation. If you finish the base thick and play the red lip over it, the makeup may look thick. To avoid it, you have better try to make the thin base.

For the red lip point makeup, you have to strictly manage your lip. In the dry season, the lip may get rough with keratin and wrinkle. Therefore, it would be better that you take more care of it.

For the complete red lip makeup, the night care is essential prior to doing the makeup. Put a lot of lip balm on the lip to swell the keratin and softly remove it. Then, on next day, you can proceed the lip point makeup without any swelling.

If you want to proceed more visible red lip makeup with full lip, the selection of lip brush is essential rather than optional. Use the lip brush to meticulously draw the line along the lip and fill the color inside of the line to complete the lip makeup with the urban and sexy feel. If you proceed it with the gradation, you can complete the light red lip makeup.

If you want to complete the pretty and cute lip makeup, you need to prepare the skill of makeup. But more important thing is the lip with proper volume. If a person has thick lip but does the full lip makeup, the disadvantage may stand out. If you have a complex on the lip itself, it would be a good idea to consider the filler treatment which may fill the volume on the lip.

Dr. Yoo Young-mun, senior doctor (professional doctor in plastic surgery) at JK Plastic Surgery located in Gangnam, a hub of Seoul, Korea advises, “If you worry about the thin lip and the resulting image, it would be better for you to try to change the makeup first. But, if the makeup cannot cover it, it would be also good to find another solution through the in-depth consultation with professional doctor and the surgery.

The filler helps you to remove fine wrinkles and recover the volume in your face through the reinforcement of hyaluronic acid in the skin. It can be applied to forehead, nose, cheek, 8-shaped wrinkle and chin. The filler may be put into your lip if the size between upper lip and lower lip is different, the lip is thin that it gives the feel of coldness or the line of lip is unclear.

Dr. Yoo Young-mun said “The filler surgery into the lip would make your face look clearer and voluminous and improve the fine wrinkles so that it is preferred in respect of the effect. If you have worried about your thin and wrinkle lip, it would be a good way to get a surgery after consultation.”

JK Plastic Surgery is located in Apgujeon, Seoul, a hub of Korea. It not only checks the health of the patient with the pre-operative examination by using advanced imaging devices and surgery equipment, but also makes the accurate analysis and diagnosis. In addition, it has a doctor in the anesthesiology and pain medicine and has acquired the certification granted by KAHF, Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreigner, Ministry of Health and Wealth for the first time in Korea as a plastic surgery hospital in 2017, thus enhancing the reliability.

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