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There are a lot of side effects in hair growth medicine. What is the proper way to prevent the hair loss?

(by Hwang So Hee) It is not overstatement that there will be more than ten million people who suffer from the hair loss. The hair loss has been considered as one of the aging diseases. But, recently, it is easily found regardless of the gender or age. If the hair loss is found in young people, what is most important is the initial treatment and preventive action prior to the progress of the hair loss.

As the cause of hair loss varies depending on the type and symptom, it is critical to apply the right treatment proper for the cause. Recently there are people who suffer from the side effect of the hair growth medicine. If you use the medicine which has not been consulted with the doctor or verified by authorities, your health may get severe side effects.

Let’s correct the misunderstanding on the hair loss and keep the hair healthy and sufficient by using the right hair loss prevention method.

Type of hair loss

The hair losses may get classified into many types depending on the symptom of hair loss such as M-shaped hair loss, circular hair loss, hair loss on the top of head and forehead hair loss. The M-shaped hair loss in which the hair loss starts from the forehead happens to a lot of men. It usually appears in the man and is often hereditary.  If you have the unnaturally broadened forehead particularly both sides of forehead, you may get the symptom of forehead hair loss.

The hair loss for women often has the symptoms of thinning hair on the top of the head and broadened hair part. If it gets severe, it leads to the circular hair loss (alopecia areata).

Cause of hair loss

For the treatment of hair loss, it is important to understand the root cause of hair loss. In the past, the hair loss was dominated by the hereditary element. But recently, it is more directly affected by the life style such as excessive stress, lack of sleep, smoking and drinking in addition to the hereditary elements.

Among them, the type of hair loss caused by the stress can be classified as the latent hair loss. If you get the excessive stress, you can get the hair loss in 2 to 4 months. Usually the hair loss is alleviated in 2 or 3 days after but the continuous care is required.

How to prevent the hair loss

It is the best to prevent the hair loss prior to the start of hair loss. It is because as the symptom gets severe, it is harder to alleviate the symptom. Especially, in the winter where the scalp gets dry or the seborrheic disorder easily breaks out, more care is required It is because the seborrheic disorder may get developed into the hair loss.

The best way of preventing the hair loss is to keep the healthy lifestyle. The irregular lifestyle, the resulting stress and the lack of sleep are the main cause of the hair loss. So, it is important to keep the regular lifestyle and have the meals having the balanced nutrients.

Good food for preventing the hair loss

The black soybean contains the food good for the prevention of hair loss such as vegetable estrogen. It also is rich in the cysteine which is main ingredient of hair. Especially, as it has vitamin B1 and B2 which recover the gloss of the hair, it is very good to get the black soybean a lot.

The spinach is known to contain a lot of vitamin and protein that it helps to prevent the hair loss. The sea weed contains the iodine which facilitates the growth of hair a lot and it is also rich in vitamin A, and E and biotin.

Though the food which is good for prevention of hair loss can prevent the hair loss, it has limitation in treating the already progressed hair loss. If the hair loss starts or gets severe, a more professional hair loss is required.

HAESOL hair scalp clinic, Dongrae, is famous for treatment of hair loss and scalp in Busan, Republic of Korea. Based on clinical knowhow for 19 years, it is the center which has the control system specializing in Korean. As it uses only the natural bio crude drugs, marine bio materials composite, and products using the ecofriendly materials, it is good for safety, effectiveness, technology and professionalism, thus making it very reliable. Kim Jung-im, a senior doctor of the Clinic says “The medicine is the last resort for the hair loss. We should pay attention to the continuous management and home care for the improvement.”

For those who hesitate to get the hair loss treatment due to time and expenses, the home care program is prepared. HAESOL home care program is the non-visiting scalp and hair loss care. It is designed to cleanly protect the scalp from the hazardous environment so that the customer is able to feel the healthy scalp and hair with the supply of nutrient depending the type of scalp and the scalp scaling for each type of scalp. (photo by  bnt news DB, HAESOL hair scalp clinic)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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