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Preview of 2019 S/S makeup trend

 (by Hwang So Hee) As there is a vogue in the fashion, there is also a trend in the beauty. If a person tries to show off her styling with the most loved fashion item for that year but keeps the same makeup at all times, she cannot be called as a trend setter. We have prepared the preview of 2019 S/S makeup for the forward going trendy women.

The transparent ‘makeup which is close to that which looks as if the makeup were not put on’ (“bare-faced makeup”) is likely to be most favored as the most-trendy beauty styling this year. If you think that the bare-faced makeup may be the relatively simple make-up, you are wrong. If you want to look like a transparent bare face while covering up your defect, you have to take care of the makeup from the foundation stage up.

The dry and rough skin does not easily absorb the cosmetics so that the makeup may often get peeled or cause the white keratin. To get the transparent and shining skin you have to complete the moisture gloss which is made with the moisturizing care and which comes from the inside.

Let’s fill the skin with the moisture and nutrients by using the moisturizing cream at the basic stage. Through the moisturizing cream, you can make the skin tone uniform and express you your natural and healthy beauty as if it were original light.

What is important in applying the cream is to make it sufficiently get soaked into the skin. If too much volume is applied for the moisturizing effect, it may not go into the skin but remain on the surface of the skin, thus making the makeup difficult. Therefore, make sure that the proper volume of the cream is used to make it go deeper into the skin.

To make up for the defect but simply complete the makeup, it is critical to smoothen the surface and pores in the skin. In this case, apply the primer on the ridge of nose and rough surface of the skin.

Next, use the foundation to get the total skin tone ready. At this time, the application of foundation with hand may make the makeup thick. Therefore, be sure to use the foundation brush. If there is a small defective spot or problem in the skin, which is not covered even by thee foundation, be sure to cover it with a small amount of concealer. Lastly, use the transparent powder to control the facial oil and make the skin look smooth and clean.

The trendy makeup style may be made with 2019 S/S makeup. But it would be hard to make the complete change. Especially, for the wrinkle which is hard to make up for with the makeup and the sagging skin which lost its elasticity, it is critical to solve the foundational problems.

Mr. Kim Sung-sik, senior doctor in JK Plastic Surgery which is famous for its anti-aging treatment says, “To keep the healthy skin and unchanging beauty, you need to make the continuous efforts starting from the ordinary habit. If you want to keep the body healthy and make a change with the exercise and diet, you have to consider the face lifting as an alternative as a way of lifting up your sagging face.”

Mr. Kim Sung-sik, senior doctor in JK Plastic Surgery further says “If you worry about the severe wrinkle on your face or the sagging cheek and chin due to the aging, the face lifting can be an option. As each person has his/her own in the type of face or skin, it would be critical to get the in-depth consultation with the experienced professional doctor before determining the proper surgery method and the degree of treatment.”

JK Plastic Surgery has been awarded with the commendation plaque for its attraction of many foreigner patients. As such, it is the trusted hospital for many people. It puts emphasis on the “one stop preoperative examination” to closely check the patient’s body for the accurate analysis and diagnosis. It has a standing physician in the Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine and has the operating room which complies with the US FED, Standard 209D. On top of that, it has the CPR (emergency rescue) team, and emergency kits for the safety of the patients in preparation for any unavoidable emergency.(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)

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Write: 2019-02-21 15:28:21 / Update: 2019-02-21 15:47:33

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