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Are you worried about the damaged hair? One home care can completely solve it.

There is no better than the change in the hairstyle for the diversion. The change in the hairstyle such as dyeing or perm is not only the means of showing a person’s individuality but also a change to other image or a chance of diversion.

But, the frequent changes in the hairstyle threaten the health of our scalp or hair. The frequent perms and dyeing may give the strong stimulus to the scale and hair with their chemical substances, thus causing many scalp diseases such as red spots, troubles or seborrholicum scalp diseases and make the hair rough.

If your hair and scalp have been damaged due to the frequent dyeing and perms, the initial management is critical for the damaged hair. Let’s keep the hair beautiful with the scalp and hair home care which can be easily done by anybody at home.

>> Brush massage

Let’s take advantage of the brush massage which has the effect of removing the accumulated keratin from the scalp and massaging the scalp. The scalp which is stimulated by strong dye and perm solution gets very sensitive. In this case, as it is hard for nutrient to reach the root of hair, the hair gets rough.

As the shampoo brush is designed to massage every corner of the scalp which the finger may not reach, it is supposed to remove any waste or accumulated keratin which clogs the hair follicle from scalp or hair and facilitates the circulation of blood around the scalp. Prior to washing the hair, fully comb the hair to get rid of dust or foreign matters from the hair. Then, make the foam with the shampoo and massage the scalp and hair to the maximum. It would be better to make the brush massage time to time if the hair is dry.

>> Hair essence

Hair essence is helpful to give the nutrients to the damaged hair and make the hair healthy and elastic. In winter time when the hair is dried a lot, just the appliance of hair essence would reduce the damage made to the hair a lot.

To get the most effect of hair essence, it would be good to apply the essence over the hair which is just finished with the towel dry after washing hair. The moisture of hair essence would be transmitted to the web hair that the drying of hair would be prevented.

In addition to the period of before or after washing the hair, it would be good to apply it on the end of the hair after using the hair dryer or straightener. If there occurs electrostatic shock, apply the hair essence to the hair in order to keep the hair wet and smooth at all times.

What is important in selecting the hair essence is to check the ingredient of a product. It is because as the hair essence is supposed to make the hair texture good with the strong chemical ingredient, it may be rather fatal to the health of scalp and hair.

The beauty brand Iluily’s cleanly soaked hair essence is designed to be soaked into the dry and rough hair. It is designed to keep the hair moisturized and conditioned for long time. As it contains the seed oil of Common Camelia, it smoothly finishes the hair without any stickiness but provides the hair with the nutrition and moisturization. As it also contains the extract from Korean pasque flower, it has the non-stimulating but soft smell.

To maximize the effect of hair essence, it is good to use it along with Iluily’s color therapy pink shampoo. The pink shampoo is supposed to fill the moisture into the dry hair and keep the scalp and hair moisturized as it contains the vitamin E and rose extract.

Color therapy sensible shampoos are available with pink, purple, yellow and green products depending on the types of scalp and hair so that you can select one according to your scalp type. In addition, there are various products available such as treatment, hair and scalp perfume.

For details, visit the official website of brand Iluily. (photo by Iluily)

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