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Following the makeup of Han Ji-min who looks dazzlingly innocent and lovely

(by Hwang So Hee) Han Ji-min played the tough middle-aged woman who was tired of child rearing and house job in the drama titled “Familiar Wife” and who played the character “Baek Sang-ah” in the movie “Miss Baek”, who tries not to get frustrated by the tough and rough life. Now, she came back with new JTBC drama titled “The Light in Your Eyes”.

The drama titled “The Light in Your Eyes” is a fantasy romance drama about a woman who loses all her time before she can use it up, a man who gives up all of his radiant moments and lives a lethargic life, and their twisted romance living different time though they are in the same time.

Han Ji-min plays the role of Kim Hye-ja in the drama, who is bright and cheerful 25 years old lady. Han Ji-min is popular with not only her good acting in both television and movie but also with her lovely and innocence look. Let’s find out the points in the makeup of Han Ji-min in the drama “The Light in Your Eyes”.

For Han Ji-min whose skin is the dazzling white, the makeup is characterized by covering the defects but doing the simple base makeup. Let’s adopt a liquid foundation to make the skin tone natural and bright as if you did not do any makeup.

The thickly applied foundation is the old style. The liquid foundation is favored by customers these days as it can be thinly applied with the strengthened covering power. It would be good to use it along with the foundation brush to get the smooth skin like a ceramic.


3CE MATTE FIT FOUNDATION is designed to clearly cover the skin but express the skin lightly as if none were applied on the skin. It is the high covering liquid foundation which makes the ideal skin condition as it makes external side of the skin look soft and inside skin look like wet marshmallow.


3CE FOUNDATION BRUSH is designed to make no simulating touch but the soft touch on the face as it adopts the high-class artificial hair made in Germany. If you apply it round over the skin along the direction of texture, your skin would be smoothly filled and you can get the clean skin.

It would maximize the loveliness of Han Ji-min who is famous for the romantic mood and has very big and clean eyes. If you want to catch up with the makeup of Han Ji-min who is the symbol of innocence, you may take care of making your eyes big and bright.

Let’s use the rose brown eyeliner to get the beautiful eye line rather than using the thick color. Start the line from not the front banged hair but from the eye before finishing its end to the sides a little.


3CE SUPER SLIM WATERPROOF EYE LINER #TAWNY ROSE has the advantage of natural blending which is characterized by the clear and flying slip eyeliner and the pencil eye liner. It enables the soft and precise touch to be made between eyelashes with the high colored supper slim eyeliner and gives the flying and clear line up to the end of eye slant. The rose brown which adds to the mood of dried rose eye makeup is good for the innocent makeup.

Han Ji-min completes the vital makeup which adds the vitality to the lip and brusher by using the top-downed dried rosy color. Though the dried rosy color is calm, it is excellent for the daily makeup as it gives us the vitality.

It would be good to make the lip layered with the beige and rosy red colors to get thicker lips. First of all, the beige color is applied to the full lip and then, the rosy red is applied from inside of the lip to the outside in gradation. If the lipstick used for the lip makeup is used as a blusher, the natural tone-on-tone makeup can be completed.


3CE MOOD RECIPE LIP COLOR MINI KIT 2 keeps the lip color for long with the adhesiveness over the lip and clear color as if matte lip stick primer which was designed to get the creamy adhesiveness and the catches the lip tension is applied. It sufficiently and sensibly expresses the color with the one or two touches as it has high color.

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