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Coral innocence vs red sexy, which one is your choice?

(by Hwang So Hee) There would be no women who would not think deeply when they face to choose one between looking innocent or looking sexy. Many women who want to change their image once may have had the experience of facing the situation when they had to choose one from two moods such as innocent mood in which the feminine attraction can be strengthened and the sexy mood in which there are both strong and chic attractions are the styles.

If you feel your clothes are awkward or inconvenient though you tried to change your image with two styles, it may be because you have not found the right style for you. In that case, it is essential for you to fully understand you skin tone and mood.

If you want to change you image in 2019, pay attention to the followings. We have prepared the perfect makeup tutorial for you. Let’s enjoy new mood with the soft, pure and innocent coral and the sexy but chic red.

>> Check out your skin tone!

Even No. 21 is not all the same. It is because the base makeup method varies depending on the skin tone and type such as bright but yellow tone or a red tone on the face. If you just use no. 21 foundation only, that would not match with your skin tone, thus probably making the makeup look swollen or the defect not fully covered.

What is important most of all is to understand your personal color. If your makeup matches well with your skin tone, your face may get vital and the makeup effect would be maximized. Otherwise, the makeup would not cover your defect but would make you look not good enough.


3CD MESH FOUNDATION covers the skin with its mesh filtered foundation and has the advantage of the liquid foundation such as high adhesiveness and long sustainability. If you check out the skin tone through the personal color, then it is right time for you to express yourself brightly or naturally for the best makeup for you.

>> Shadow

The makeup with the coral tone as base is the tone-on-tone makeup which has the overall soft tone. So, it would be better to increase the coral’s attractiveness more with the use of the shadow having the soft pearl tone rather than the eyeline.


3CE EYE SWITCH POT brightens two eyes as if they are among the starry lights with its dazzlingly beautiful multi glitters. You can use it without worrying the possible flying powder as it is made with the living proof glitter shadow having sensual and soft touch and good adhesiveness.

>> Eyeline

If your makeup is distinct with strong red, the eye makeup needs to be simple. The smooth green eyeline would not only make the eyeline look clear but it completes the makeup which is well harmonized with the strong red tint.


3CE EASY PEN EYE LINER makes the blurry eyeline look clear and distinct as its fine and elastic sponge tip brush can make the easy drawing. The deep and ample black would emphasize your eyeline and completes the clear eye with the elegance and chic sense.

>> Coral & Read, color points

If you finish the base and eye makeup, you have to perfect them with the final point lip color. It is also important to select the texture which would improve the color and red and harmonize with the makeup. Let’s complete the perfect red lip makeup along with the glossy coral.


3CE PLUMPING LIPS is used to make the lip soft, elastic and plump as it has the natural and refreshing water coloring, the elegant gloss with fine oil and the plumping ingredient. If you apply the simple glossy over all the lip, you can maximize the attraction of coral.


3CE MATTE LIP COLOR is the matte lip stick which corrects the lip tension as it is applied like the cream. As it has good adhesiveness like primer, it maintains the lip color for long with its bright color. If you want to use the strong red lip as a daily, it would be good to gradate it from inside of the lip to the outer line.

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Write: 2019-02-15 16:34:55 / Update: 2019-02-15 16:48:39

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