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Makeup completed with the Living Coral which is the color of year 2019

(by Hwang So Hee) Pantone announces the color of year every December and also provides the industries related to the color such as fashion and packaging with solutions. The color of the year selected by Pantone for this year affects not only the fashion and beauty industries but also other industries. If you want to follow the trend but you lack the aesthetic sense, it would be a good way for you to reference the color of the year announced by Pantone.

The color of year 2019 announced by Pantone is just the living coral. It is said that the color of living coral is the color gold added with the color pink having the apricot orange. It is said to have been derived from the color of coral living in the sea. Immediately after the announcement of the color of this year, the beauty and fashion industries show the various products and designs by using the living coral. Among them, the field where the color of living coral is widely used is the beauty industry.

The coral color is conveniently used for the daily and is good to complete a warm and light-colored, and vivid make-up. Let’s put on the trendy make-up by using the living coral, or the color of this year.

>> Brilliant eye

If you want to have the eye make-up by using the color of living coral, you had better use the pearl shadow which is used to complete the brilliant eye. The color of living coral helps you to make the beautiful and warm mood but it may make the eye look swollen. In this case, if you put the pearl shadow which is made of the colors of coral and pink over the base shadow, you can get the eye make-up which makes you look pure and solid.



3CE PRO MULTI EYE COLOR PALETTE enables 25 modern and refined wearable color shadows to do the new eye make-up and complete the deep and romantic look. It can be used for not only the shadows but also for eye brow and shadow make-up.


3CE SPARKLING LIQUID PIGMENT is the sparkling pearl pigment showing the beautiful gloss of the pearl. As its waster base is humidly stuck on the skin, it can express the vivid and sparking eye. The joyful color would make the beautiful eye make-up with its glittering pink pearl and can be used for the make-up ranging from daily to the point make-up.

>> Lovely lip

Coral lip make-up is good from the daily to the point make-up. Its bright and beautiful color enlightens the face but also creates the pure attraction, thus get the captivating mood through the color layering.


3CE SLIM VELVET LIP COLOR has the bright velvet texture which gets softly and smoothly melted down as it touches the lip and flatly gets blended into the small wrinkles on the lip to make the lip makeup look simple and convenient and last long. The simple stay color is good for the daily makeup with the warm and calm vintage coral color.


3CE PLUMPING LIPS has the natural and refreshing water coloring and the classic gloss having the fine oil as well as the plumping ingredient that it softly is melted down, thus giving you the plump lip. If the soft coral color is layered with the lip product of other color, it would make the various kinds of moods.

>> Vital cheek

Cheek is not only granting the vitality to the dull face but also is effective in making the face look face small and solid. As it makes various moods depending on the color, it would be good to vary the cheek if you want to try a unique makeup.

If you want to put on the smooth cheek which is natural with the red, you had better choose the smooth coral cheek. If you brush the both cheeks, bridge of nose and the butterfly zone with the coral brush, you can get more natural cheek makeup.


3CE PRO MULTI BLUSH COLOR PALETTE is made with the vital blusher filled with the fruit color and the color which can be used as a point eye shadow. By using 6 colors as one or blending them, you can put on the tone-on-tone face makeup.

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Write: 2019-02-15 15:34:32 / Update: 2019-02-15 16:49:17

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