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How to correctly control the seborrheic scalp disorder in dry winter time

(by Hwang So Hee) There are many people who suffer from the seborrheic scalp dermatitis in the cold and dry winter time. It is necessary for us to take more care of our scalp as it suffers not only from the extreme cold water and ultimate dryness but also the extreme dust storm from China and the micro size dust. If the problematic scalp disorder is not kept well treated, it would become chronic and then the hair may fall off the head.

Among various scalp disorders, the seborrheic scalp disorder which often happens during the winter time tends to worsen the nutrition of the follicles and hair, thus making the hair rough and ending up with the increase in the hair loss.

Let’s prevent the disorders and keep the scalp and hair healthy by understanding various causes of seborrheic scalp disorders.

The seborrheic scalp disorder which is frequently affected by the ambient environment needs more care during the dry winter time. The external environment such as the extreme coldness and fine dust may make the immune system weak and thus cause the scalp to be unbalanced in nutrition.

The seborrheic scalp disorder is the eczema infection on the scalp which has a lot of sebum secretion due to the increase in the activities of sebaceous gland. There are a lot of causes of seborrheic scalp disorder such as change in external environment, excessive stress, oily and stimulating foods and others.

If the symptom gets worsened, the hair gets thinner and the seborrheic hair loss may follow or the seborrheic disorder may happen not only in the scalp but also spread to the other body parts such as face, and neck. Therefore, it is important to take the preventive actions at the initial stage.

To prevent the seborrheic scalp disorder, we have to take a look at how we wash our hair. If we just wash our hair in order to treat the seborrheic scalp disorder, the scalp may get dried and irritated and the disorder may get worse.

In these days when there are often the severe fine dust storms, it is important to meticulously wash our hair so that the hazardous substances such as waste and fine dust are not accumulated on the small follicles on the head, which are smaller than that in the general skin. First, prior to washing hair, be sure to brush the hair with comb in order to remove foreign matters from the scalp and help to circulate the blood in the scalp through the brush massage.

Let’s apply the lukewarm water over the scalp and hair before massaging the scalp and hair with the sufficient foams made from the shampoo. At this time, it is critical to make the massage like the acupuncture by using the tip of finger (fingerprint area) rather than the nail.
What is more important than foam massage is the perfect rinsing of the hair. It is because if the shampoo or conditioner remains on the scalp, that would cause the dandruff or the hair loss. In drying the hair, make sure to press any remaining water by using the towel and pressing over it in order to remove the water. If the hair is kept wet, the scalp gets wet and more bacteria are likely to grow. So, the best way of drying the hair is using the natural method. When the dryer is to be used for drying the hair, it would be better to completely dry the hair by using the cold wind.

It is good to find out the components of a product in choosing the product for hair in order to prevent the seborrheic scalp disorder and keep the scalp and hair healthy.

The beauty brand ILUILY is designed to prevent the scalp disorder by adopting the color therapy adopting sensitive shampoo which is available for each type of scalp and help the hair to make the healthy growth. The Yellow Shampoo which is excellent for deep cleansing helps to recover the balance in the scalp health and gives you the refreshing comfort. The Green Shampoo subsides the sensitive scalp while the Purple Shampoo is good in moisturization that it is good for the dry and rough hair. The Pink Shampoo prevents the skin from excessive secretion of sebum and alleviate the inflammation.

In addition to the shampoo, there is a variety of conditioners, hair essence and perfumes for hair that you can have a wide array of products depending on the type of your scalp and your liking.

For details, visit the official site of brand ILUILY. (photo by Ecomine, bnt news DB )

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