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Knowhow on baby face make-up which attracts the younger man

(by Hwang So-hee) In the new year of 2018. Though we may have the good sense for the new year, we may also be frustrated by the increasing wrinkles on the faces. As the times pass and we get older, the aging process is just one of many natural phenomena. But the changing look may sometimes depress us.

Through the diet and physical exercise, we may keep our health. But, if the aging process starts, it is hard to get the visible change in the look. If you are frustrated by the melasma, blemish or deep wrinkle, it would be good to try a make-up to cover it.

If you try the anti-aging care which would help to keep your skin elastic and correct any problem with your make-up, you can get the baby face. Let me inform you of the make-up knowhow which would help you to attract younger men.

>> Moisturized and transparent skin

What is the most important factor in the baby face make-up is to create the skin which looks moisturized and transparent. If you apply the cosmetics a lot in a desire of looking young, your face may look older rather than younger.

The core point for the baby face make-up is to do a light make up for the defect. First, clean the skin with the make-up base and then finish any visible defect such as melasma and blemish with the concealer. It is good to give the moisture to the skin with the make-up fixer to get the healthy and moisturized skin.


3CE COVER POT CONCEALER is cover the melasma and blemish even with one touch. In a short time, it is closely stuck on the skin without any problem. As it is resistant to sweat and oil, it is good to keep the make-up intact all day long. As the product is easy to control the volume and to be softly applied over the skin, even a beginner can easily use it.

>> Lively blusher

The biggest error which a person may commit is the use of the excessive color. A person may think that the use of colorful cosmetics would make them look younger. The fact is that the light make-up rather than the dense color make-up make you look younger.

Cheek makes you two cheeks look lovely. It would create the pure and cute looks.
To play the natural look, make sure to lightly apply the blusher on the butterfly zone as well as on the bridge of the nose. 


3CE PRO MULTI BLUSH COLOR PALETTE makes you have the light and smooth finishing sense and soft blending effect that even several touches would be enough for you to get the natural color. As Pure Play Color is made up with the lively blusher filled with the fruit color and the color which can be used as the point eye shadow, you can put on the tone-on-tone make-up.

>> Lovely lips

What is essential for the baby face is just the thick lips. The mood which the lip make-up creates depends on what texture and color is used. The wet, moisturized and lively illuminating lip would make you much younger.

If you are a little frustrated by your thin and less voluminous lips, it would be a way for you to select the product which has the plumping effect. It is because the glossy formula would not only express the lip thicker and voluminous but keep the lip make-up longer.


3CE PLUMPING LIPS would provide you with the soft, glossy and thick lips as it has the refreshing water color, high class gloss made with the fine oil and the plumping ingredients. As it is made with 5 vegetable oils which have good moisturizing power would easily be soaked into the dry lip, and make your lip become glossier than lip gloss, it would keep the fresh lip make-up for longer time.(photo by Stylenanda)

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