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Dress Look at Award Ceremony of Celebrities on the Red Carpet

(by Hwang So Hee) The valuable point worth looking for us at the award ceremonies is no other than the dress looks of the celebrities on the red carpet. The dress look of the celebrities on the red carpet would give us the new attraction which was not met in ordinary times and gets a lot of spotlight.

Let’s have a look at the dress look of the celebrities on the red carpet for the awarding ceremonies such as “High 1 Seoul Music Awards” to which Korean best musicians are invited, “Golden Disc Awards” and “The KBS Entertainment Award which is the festival for the celebrities”.

In two awarding ceremonies which were designed to award the stars in Korea’s pop music for their contribution to the pop arts such as “28th High1 Seoul Music Awards” and “33rd Golden Disc Awards”, the celebrities’ off-shoulder dress look got a lot of spotlight.

Tzuyu from Twice, Wendy from Red Velvet and Yeonwoo from Momoland showed off their fantastic and sexy attractiveness in the black off-shoulder dresses. Actress Kim So-hyun, Mamamoo Hwasa, and Lovelyz’ Key also appeared with their white off-shoulder dresses which looked so pure and elegant.

The off-shoulder dress is designed to show the women’s beautiful shoulder line and emphasize the feminine beauty in order to create the mood ranging from the pure image to the sexy image.

Nam Ji-hyun in “28th Seoul Music Awards”, Kang So-ra in “33rd Golden Disc Awards” and Lee Ha-nui in “KBS Entertainment Awards” showed off their looks of goddess in deep V neck dresses.

V-neck dress makes the feminine mood and is excellent in showing off the voluminous, slender and sexy body line. The dress which has the light white and lady’s detail pattern would help you to create the fascinating mood.

It is important to get the perfect body line through the stretching exercise if you want to perfectly create the dress look which is designed to expose a lot of body.

The stretching exercise is excellent in enhancing the flexibility of body, and alleviating the tension of the muscles, thus making the body soft and relaxed. Especially, it prevents the muscle and joints from injured and facilitates the circulation, thus helping to subside any swelling.

The stretching exercise is very useful as it is not only easy to practice regardless of age or gender at any time but it is also very good to relieve the stress and make the flexible body line.

Though the stretching exercise may help you to get a flexible and slender bodyline, it is not enough to make up for the not-voluminous bodyline. Especially, if you have the non-voluminous body, any wear would not be good on you.

If you have tried a lot to make the voluminous and healthy body but have not get any satisfactory results, it would be a good solution to have a breast enlargement surgery.

Senior doctor Kwon Sun-Hong in JK Plastic Surgery located in Gangnam area, the hub area in South Korea, said “there are the increase in the number of people who visit our hospital and who want to get a surgery for their breasts. If you have not yet got the satisfactory changes in the exercise and breast massage, the breast enlargement surgery would be an option.”

The method of breast enlargement surgery in which the water drop shaped prothesis is put into the breast is the surgery which takes many anatomical shapes into consideration through the various measuring. So, it can help you get the surgery results which would be close to perfection. If the prothesis made by Polytech or Motiva is safe and natural looking, it would significantly lower the probability of re-surgery as it makes less deformation of the spherical shape.

Senior doctor Kwon Sun-Hong further said, “As the Korea’s plastic surgery technique has developed a lot and is recognized of its excellence worldwide, there are more people coming to Korean for the surgery. If you want to have a breast enlargement surgery in Korea, it would be critical for you to have an in-depth consultation with experts on what kind of surgery would be appropriate for your breast.”

JK Plastic Surgery has been awarded with the commendation plaque for attracting a lot of foreigner patients. It has a doctor in the anesthesiology, and has the CRP (emergency medicine) team and 24-hour nursing system. In addition, it is equipped with the operating room which complies with US Fed and Standard 209D and is famous for its records of no accidents for 20 years in cooperative operation between experienced doctors. (photo by JK Plastic surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)

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