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Couple Look with Kang Daniel and Lai Kuan Lin if you wear this? Duffle coat which Wanna One selects

[by Oh Hyung Jun] Miracle boys have shaken the Republic of Korea for the past 2 years. They are the boy group Wanna One. As of the termination of the agreement in December 2018, when the boy group was disbanded, each member started his own act in the entertainment.

Among the members of the group, the popularity of Kang Daniel has not been cooled even after the group activities finished. His official account of Instagram opened on Jan. 2, got 1 million followers in a short period of time and recorded a world record on Guinness World Record with the fastest reach of 1 million followers’ level. Now, his followers are more than 1.9 million and the number of followers is on the continuous rise.

Lai Kuan Lin is also very popular in China. He opened his official Weibo account on Jan. 9 and recorded 1 million followers, showing his unmatched popularity. As they are the favorite for many people, their fashion, and beauty items are also the favorite ones in the girl fan’s wish list.

Recently the duffle coats worn by Kang Daniel and Lai Kuan Lin got spotlight. The duffle coats, which are characterized by the big hood and pretty toggle, are the winter items which can be worn by anyone regardless of their age and gender. How about making your own couple look with Kang Daniel and Lai Kuan Lin by wearing the cute duffle coats?

 Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel attended the fashion brand event for which he acts as a main model with a duffle coat, thus catching the viewer’s eyes. With the sufficient thickness and length, it was the good winter outer. As the inner, he wore the white polo shirts and the black pants in a simple way.

As the shoes were also white, we could feel that he tried to attract the people’s interests into the camel colored duffle coat. When he acted as a member of the boy group Wanna One, his fashion was often masculine and charismatic. But in this event, he showed the cute and casual look with the duffle coat, thus getting a lot of applauses from fans.

Editor’s Pick

If you want to put on a duffle coat like Kang Daniel, this coat is recommended. As it uses not only the strong and high-class fabric but also pays attention to the subsidiary materials and sewing and finish, you may feel that this product requires a lot of meticulous hand jobs.

The conveniently wearable hood and the back cut for the activities are also the critical check points. This is the cute item for a person who emphasizes the practicability and design. With the cute turn-up cuffs and the waist string, it has the dressy feel which is often missed in the casual duffle coat.

Lai Kuan Lin

He started as a fledgling trainee but now became a current professional idol. He caught the view of people with his checkered patterned duffle coat. When he arrived at Incheon Airport for the schedule in China, he showed his bright appearance with the well visible checkered pattern.

As the duffle coat which is so called Burberry checkered pattern, has the high-class but the casual feel, it is considered as a steady seller item. As the inners, he selected the denim pants with bright washing and the white sneakers to show the simple but unique feel.

Editor’s Pick

If you want to get the cute couple look with Lai Kuan Lin, check out this item. This is just the item which can catch a lot of people’s eyes in a winter when simple and non-colored coats are prevalent. Once you wear it, you can have also a change of mood. It is just the item making both wearer and the other people funny.

As it is made with the thick materials, it is good in heat insulation. As it has good fit, you can make the free styling with it. If you want younger look, select the product having the combination of light violet and yellow. If you want to be vibrant like an idol member, you need not to hesitate to get it. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)

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