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What is the secret of Jang Nara’s baby face beauty?

[by Hwang So Hee] Anybody likes to look young. But as the time flows, the trace of aging remains on every corner of the face. Especially, if you find the deep wrinkles and the sagging face in the mirror, you may feel depressed or lose the sense of pride.

Though we worry about the aging look, there are people who keep their baby face and get the envy from a lot of people. Let’s find out the secret of Jang Nara’s keeping the baby face and beauty as she, as the representative baby face celebrity in Korea, shows us her unchanging look between before and after debut.

Debuted in 2001 as a singer, she has taken a position as a diverse entertainer doing both singing and acting. Though she is recognized in various fields, she is particularly popular with her excellent signing skill and acting ability.

Now, she gets spotlight as she is cast as the role of O Sunny in the drama “Prestige of Empress” and gripped the SBS Acting Grand Prix due to that drama. In the drama, she showed her talent by playing the role of high school student and showing us the representative baby face celebrity. What is the secret of her baby face?

Jang Nara showed her massaging method as one way of keeping her baby face in a program. The blood circulating in the face plays a critical role of effectively transmitting the nutrients to the skin. Especially, the toxic in the blood is a very critical factor in determining the skin health and condition. The face massage helps the smooth circulation of blood in the face, thus helping to balance the humidity on the skin.

The first stage is to make a fist and put it on the chin before pulling it up. It is critical to relieve the chin muscle as it is used the most in the face. Next, make the slow massage as it you draw circles around the eyes. As the area around the eye is thin in skin depth and it is easy to get wrinkle, it is good to keep it tight through the face massage. Lastly, finish the massage by concentrating the massage over the eyebrow.

The face massage leads to the smooth circulation of blood in the face so that it can help to get the clear face color. But it is not sufficient enough to get back the perfect baby face.
What is important to get back the baby face is to manage the face which is first visible. The priority shall be put on the control of the sagging skin, and the wrinkle over around the eyes and forehead. But as the aging continues, it is hard to make a big change with the change in the lifestyle only. If it is hard to change the lifestyle and you feel despondent due to your aging look, it would be a good way of making the anti-aging treatment such as thread lifting.

Dr. Kim Sung Sik, a senior doctor at JK Plastic Surgery, which is famous in Korea in the face lifting surgery (specializing in the plastic surgery) advises “If you want to improve the wrinkle or sagging on your face or you get stress with your aging face, the face lifting surgery may be an option. As it requires short surgery time and fast recovery, it is the effective way for the patient.”

3D thread lifting which is conducted at JK Plastic Surgery is the thread lifting treatment which has the advantages of requiring only the short surgery time but getting the fast recovery as it does not adopt the cutting method. As the strength of lifting can be controlled depending on the skin sagging and degree of wrinkle, the treatment can be made to the needs of individual patient. V line on the face can be acquired from this method as it improves the 8-shaped wrinkle, and sagging cheek.

Dr. Kim Sung Sik says “There are a lot of foreigner customers who visit our hospital to keep their look young encouraged by the popularity of K-beauty. It is imperative for the patient to get fully understanding of any problem in his/her face and get the in-depth consulting with a doctor before getting the proper level of treatment for the lifting surgery.”

JK Plastic Surgery is located in Apgujeong, a central area of Seoul, Republic of Korea. Equipped with the advanced medical imaging and surgery equipment, it can provide the patient with the one stop preoperative examination to check the health of the patient through accurate analysis and diagnosis. In addition, it has a doctor specializing in the anesthesiology and pain medicine and in preparation for the emergency, keeps the CPR (emergency response) team, emergency kits and patient-controlled analgesia, thus putting priority on the patient’s safety.(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)

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