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Make-up for the stars appearing in the public events, Ha Jiwon, Son Naeun and Kim Sarang

[by Hwang So Hee] The make-up and fashion of celebrities leads the trend and become the women’s wannabe style. Their appearances in the public events get more spotlight as they emphasize the mood of the celebrities themselves rather than their looks at drama, movie or on stage.

The appearance of celebrities in the public event indicates the future beauty trend. Let’s check out the celebrities’ make-up which is chick and sexy and catches the eyes of the media.

Ha Jiwon, Son Naeun and Kim Sarang appeared in the fashion brand events. They all showed in blacks with the special make-up for the events, thus showing their own stylish looks.

Actress Ha Jiwon has been very active in the TV drama and movie with her excellent acting skill and beautiful look. She showed the make-up which emphasizes the eye line by using the mascara over the naturally glossy skin. Kim Sarang who is loved by many women with her beautiful and slender body also completed the fantastic mood with the shadow make-up style. Son Naeun who is not only a singer but also an actress, shows the make-up emphasizing the excellent eyeline and pink lip.

If you change your mood like the attractive celebrities, why don’t you try to make a point on the eye make-up? The mood varies a lot depending on the eye make-up.

The shadow make-up which completes the shape of deep eye is just the right one to make you get the attractive and mature mood. Let’s apply the beige color shadow over all the eye holes and then naturally gradate them with the dark brown color shadow starting from the double eyelid line. If you draw the eye slant starting from the eyelash with an eye liner, all is perfect.

The make-up only cannot make you get the perfect image change. Especially if you have no double eyelid but slanted eye or sagging eye, there is a limitation in solving it. If you cannot get the satisfactory result from the make-up, it would be wise for you to get an advice from a professional.

If you worry about the single eyelid or the fat above the eye which looks dull or if you feel discomfort due to the double eyelid on one eye only, it would be a good method to consider the eye shape surgery. Doctor Baek Hye Won, a senior doctor of JK Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea (specialist in plastic surgery) says, “There are a lot of people who worry about their not having the double eyelids. If you have the dull fat above the eye or slanted eye, the make-up would not be enough for you to get the satisfactory results. If you are not satisfied with your look even though you tried with the make-up change, it would be a good way to get the advice from the doctors specializing in the correction of eye shape.”

The surgery method varies depending on the type of the eye shape surgery. If you have a fat above your eyes, the cutting method would be appropriate. In case of a person having think skin and small eyes, the burial method would be a simple option. In addition, if the eye is slanted or looks dozy, the cutting method or expansion method would be a proper surgery method.

Dr. Baek Hye Won says “There are people visiting the hospital who tried to compensate their complex with the make-up technique only but failed to get the satisfactory results. If you want to get the clear and beautify eye, you had better to get the in-depth consultation with the professional doctors on how type of eye shape you have prior to get the surgery.”

JK Plastic Surgery has been awarded as the best medical institutions which attract a lot of foreigner patients. Using “:one-stop pre-surgery test”, it puts priority on the accurate analysis and diagnosis of the health of the patients. It has the doctor who specializes in the anesthesiology and pain medicine and in preparation of emergency, it has CRP (emergency response) team, emergency kits and UPS (uninterruptible power system) which enables to continue the surgery even during the power outage as well as patient-controlled analgesia, and CRM monitoring system, thus putting priority on the patient’s safety. (photo by JK Plastic surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)

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